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Tuesday, 1 May 2018


“Rica is outside waiting for me” I said.
“Oh so she's here, I will tell her to wait while you eat before you go, you need strength” she said and walk outside.
She's right though because without strength I can't do anything, I ate rice and stew and after fifteen minutes I walk out to join Rica, she drive us to the bar and then I started my stripping job officially, people were really amaze at my body especially my hairy body, so many want to see my dick.
Around eight in the night Rica called me and said there are some women that need my attention in another room, I walk to the in pant and saw like seven women drinking and smoking, I walk in shaking my Dickson in my pant and guess what, all their eyes were focused on my Dickson.
The sound keep on booming from the speaker and I was dancing to it, I hold the pole in the middle of the room and started romancing it, some of the women were honey and I was surprised one lady put her hand inside her skirt and started masturbating in front of me, the women were laughing and jeering her, one woman remove her shirt and lick her boobson, the act make my Dickson to be very hard as it keep bouncing on my short, I walk closer to the lady who was masturbating, she touch my Dickson through my short and she open her mouth wide, the other ladies started saying something all together which I don't understand because of their language, the lady started stroking my Dickson and as she wanted to remove it from the short I stop her and move to the other woman, I keep on playing them and yes many of them masturbate and at the end of the day three of them gave me their card, they said they will be expecting my call, after the day work I relax on one of the sofa in the room only me before Rica walk in.
“I hope you enjoyed your day” she said.
“This is not enjoyment” I said.
“What, some guys will kill to be in your position, so how many cards did you collect?” She ask.
“Three” I said.
“That's great, we will start with miss buri” she said as I showed her the card.
“What is we will, I thought this is my own game” I ask.
“You don't know this area so I will be your Driver, don't worry I won't drag the money with you but you will be paying me oh” she said.
“I can take cab” I said.
“And when the cab stop you how will you know where to go, or will you be calling them every minute telling them to direct you?” She said.
“Oh well you are right though, okay you will be my driver but its my game” I said.
“Absolutely” she said.
“So, I hope you still have enough strenght for me” she said and started removing her shirt, I saw her succulent melon and then
My Dickson smile.

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