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Friday, 4 May 2018


Around two I got up and took my bath, I search for a nice dress to wear, I wanted to look good so I pick up dark blue trouser with blue tight T-shirt so she can see my muscular features, I spray my perfume and wear my shoe, I came out from my house and lock the door, I started strolling along the way I did draw much attention to myself confirming that my dress is good, some even compliment me though whether its compliment or insult I really don't know because am yet to master their language, I walk out from my street and enter the main busy road, I took my phone and call my manager.
“Hello, where are you ma?” I ask.
“On my way almost at your house” she replied.
“Come to the main road, am at the front of this pony shop here” I said.
I wait for her in front of one big store, many people came in to buy some stuff and the way they look at me I believe they wondering who I am and what am doing on that shop, a lady even tried to communicate with me but I didn't respond because I dont understand what she is saying, five minutes later am inside the tortoise car with my manager going to one of my client house.
“This one you dress as if you are going to London” Rica said on the way.
“Oh well, I want to impress the lady that am a handsome boy” I said.
“She don't need your handsomeness but rather your performance, remember she's married so don't do anything that will make her drive you”
“Okay, I have heard you ma” I said.
“When you are through call me to come pick you up” she said.
“What if madam Ria come and she didn't see me?” I ask.
“Don't worry about that, I will cover for you” she replied.
“Alright then” I said.
She drive into another town with nice infrastructure, I think this place is an estate because of the building, and all the buildings have gates too, the gates are not tall so I guess the purpose is not for driving thieves,
“Are you sure this is the right place?” I ask.
“Yeah, what are you scared?” She ask.
“Looks like, because this place is beautiful, more like the garden of Eden” I said.
“The fake garden of eden that cannot be found you mean?” She replied.

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