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Saturday, 5 May 2018


Her dress is nice just a simple handless brown gown, she's beautiful and you won't believe shes more than fifty if you don't know her.
"No, why would say that?" I ask.
"Oh well, the way you are looking like someone that is lost I have to ask" she replied.
"Am not, I just didn't know we wil be going out" I said.
"Relax am taking you to a nice place and trust me you will like it, I couldn't risk it at home because of my husband" she said.
"Alright, so where are we going?" I ask.
"Just a relaxation joint, we will be there in ten minutes" she said.
"Alright" I said not that I have any choice anyway.
She took me to a nice hotel that has a cover like umbrella, she drive in and gave her key to one boy, the security I guess, we step out and she insist that we hold our hands, this hotel is a real ten star hotel if there is anything like that, the surrounding is like a garden of eden with different fruits.
She didn't go inside the hotel but rather she divert to one small hut, she used her key to open the hut, the small hut contain one room with a single bed and candles surrounding it, on the table there are apples and orange and fan keep rotating like a roll royce tire.
"Waoh, what is this place?"
"Welcome to my secret hut" she said.
"Waoh, am in heaven" I said and walk to pick one apple on the table.m
"Can I eat this?" I ask foolishly.
"Of course they are all yours, even me" she said folding her hands and looking at me as if we have been married for ten years.
I turn and look at her face I think she's waiting for me to make the move to see if am a man, oh well I know what am here so I don't need to be shy, I take a bite and drop the apple back on the table (I honestly have to take that bite to flavor my mouth).
The hut is a round one, no TV just normal room with sexy things and food to boost strength, I walk up to her looking at her straight in the face, she was folding her hands so I lose the hands and make her drop them, I walk around her and stop at her back, I move close to her and shift the hand of the gown from her body, I did the same to the other hand and the gown fell on the bed and starring at me is a beautiful damsel "oh my god am in love, my dickson has risen up already".

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