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Wednesday, 9 May 2018


“okay then” she answered.
“alright bye for now mum”
“bye bye my son” she repliedand then I cut the call.
after the call I checkthe time and it’s almost six so I enter the bathroom to take my bath, we have used more than ten condoms and my waist has started to pain me, I think I will have to buy and take pain relief because I need to be able to continue my work, this is how I make my money so don’t blame me because everybody find one way or another to make their money after all mine is not that bad and it’s not illegal.
I took my bath and put on my dress, I sat on the chair and focus on the TV, I didn’t want to wake her up but when she refuse to wake up and the time is almost ten I decided to wake her up, and as expected she was angry that I woke her up, I apologize to her and told her that I have to get back to business, she sluggishly got up and walk to her safe, she open it and gave me bundles of rupee and then she return to bed, I was happy and even if she didn’t respond to my appreciation I keep thanking her anyway, I left the room and call Rica on my way down, she said I should give her twenty minutes that she will be here soon, I sat in front of the hotel and wait for her and as she said she came twenty minutes later, she want to know what happened and then I explain everything to her, she insist I must follow her to her house and that I will follow her house to work so I agreed after all am trying to stay away from home after what happened between me and Ria.
on our way a strange number started calling me, I didn’t want to pick but the number keep calling me and Rica told me to pick it up that it might be business so I pick it up.
“Hello” I answered.
“Hello Ozila, its me Riana”
“Riana?” I said with surprise because I wasn’t expecting her call at all I didn’t even know she has my number.
“Yeah, I hope you didn’t run away from house because of what happened?” She ask.
“No its just business” I said.
“Okay good because you don’t have to be afraid okay, I won’t tell if you promise to do something for me” she said.
“What do you want me to do for you?” I ask.
“I will tell you when you return home” she said and cut the call.
“What does she want?” Rica ask.
“She said she will tell me when we meet” I answered.
“Don’t trust her”
“I wont” I said.

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