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Thursday, 10 May 2018


“This is the New York police department, put your hands on the air and kneel down now” they commanded.
I didn't know what to do because I don't remember committing any crime at all, I was confused as the police in front of me point their at me, I know if I enter their cell it will be difficult for me to get out because black people don't have lots of chance in America when they are in cell, I did the only thing I could and run, but I wasn't so fast as they open fire on me shattering my back.
I shouted and wake up from my dream sweating like Christmas goat, I was furious does it mean that if I go to America I will be arrested? Oh boy I think it is better I forget about America and just focus on making money here, I will return to Nigeria from here because I believe that dream is a message.
I got up with tiredness and with just my boxer, I came out from my room and enter the sitting room, I saw Rica washing movie.
“Hi baby are you awake?” She ask.
“Yes, whats the time?” I ask.
“Almost twelve dear, hope you slept well” she ask.
“Yeah but I had a bad dream” I said.
“Good since its bad you will now know how to avoid it, I prepared tea for you and there is bread too” she said.
“Oh thanks but I have to shower now” I said.
“Alright come let me show you”.
I followed her to the back of the house, the bathroom is just normal like Nigeria own, I enter and she gave me towel, no running tap so she fetch water for me which I used in bathing, after bathing I eat the bread and tea, we watch movie together and when its time for work we branch on the bank and send more money to my mummy, I gave her her share too which makes her happy.

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