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Tuesday, 1 May 2018


She removed her shirt and her bra, she stood up and came to me on the sofa.
“Are you afraid to touch them?” Rica ask as I stare at the boobson like Bobby Jackson.
I use my right hand to touch the right one and seeing how soft it is I pounce on her and started svcking her boobson, the boobson was so soft and I as I svck them it make her to moan softly, I svck her for like two minutes before she stood up and unbutton my trouser, she draw the boxer away from me and then saw my smiling Dickson, she saw it and smile, my smiling Dickson they make her smile they smile, she bend over and started svcking me so hard, she was svcking me and moaning, I thought I am the one that suppose to be moaning, Ladies in the house help us out.
She svck me so hard and when am so hard she make me relax on the sofa and then she climb me after removing her wears, she kissed me softly before inserting my Dickson inside her wet pussay, she started moving up and down with her two hands on my shoulder, my hands on her asss and then later on I used my hand to squize her boobson and then started svcking it, it was so sweet and to add more flavor I turn her over and make her lie on the sofa, I continue the fvcking and also suffocating on her two boobson, she was moaning and saying some kind abracadabra, whether she was speaking in tongues or in indi na only God know oh.
“Kpa kpa kpa” that was sound coming out from our little exercise, I was even afraid maybe someone might here us because the noise was so loud, but since she don't care I don't care too because she's the manager, maybe except Ria showed up.
I stop and turn her making her asss facing me, she put her two hands on the sofa, I put spit on my hand and use it to rub her pussay, then I enter again and this time the “kpa kpa” noise multiplied, I don't know why dogging style is so noising, and it make her moaning increase too, as she moam it gave me strenght to carry on.

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