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Monday, 14 May 2018


A/n: places and names are highly fictional, any
resemblance to actual names, places and events
are coincidental.
"Hey bush walkers, get ready to leave your comfort zones" Mr. Sebastian, our PE teacher chimed, waving his hands to get everyone into the school bus.
"Your permission slip, Ms. Miller" he smiled, collecting a piece of paper from a short girl with pink straight hair. We were in a straight long queue, waiting to hand over our slips and get into the bus.
Max came over to pick me up this morning, Mum gave him that questioning look that could make someone reveal their darkest secrets. She had a problem with trust.
"I'm so glad your Mum finally changed her mind, girl" Flora smiled, turning back to face me properly.
"Yeah, me too" I laughed and she was about to say something else, when we heard soft murmurs and loud squeals coming from the back of the line. I furrowed my brow and turned to my back to face Amber who also looked puzzled.
Two boys walked majestically, moving towards the bus. It was like it was in a slow motion like in the movies.
They looked so familiar, they moved away from the sun and I smiled, taking in Ralph and Sam.
They continued to take confident strides until they stopped right in front of Flora, Amber and I.
The girls around us fanned and continued to swoon inwardly. Honestly, I couldn't decipher where the unpleasant tiny sounds were coming from.
Ralph grinned, then sent Flora and I a quick wink, making Flora turn scarlet. He knew better than to do the same to Amber. She was more than a man in an adorable girl form. Max wasn't here yet, he told me he had something to take care of right after dropping me at school, he said I would find out later that was why he was coming in late.
"Hi, Macaroni. you made it" Sam beamed, giving me a jaunty smile.
"Any puns today?" I returned the smile.
"Kept them for later" he winked, Cutting in the line at the front, he just smiled and handed his permission slip to Mr. Sebastian and went into the bus not sparing a minute. My jaw dropped. Perks of being famous I guess.
It got to Flora's turn and she handed her slip and got in the bus, next was me. Or I mean next was Ralph. He blatantly took my turn and I frowned looking at Mr. Sebastian, which he only shrugged.
"Favouritism is it?" Amber asked, peeking from my shoulder and I nodded.
The rest of the guys were no where to be seen, I guess they were the only ones who required fair treatment.
I handed in my permission slip and grinned, entering into the large bus. I immediately spotted Flora, she tapped the seat next to her excitedly, and I smiled, settling beside her, then came in Amber. Flora scooted close to the window, Amber settled beside her and I sat close to the edge. Amber and I passed our bags to Flora, she got up and carefully put them in the luggage rack. I packed in Just toiletries, a different top and denim jeans, my pink cagoule- if it becomes chilly at night and some nutella sandwiches Mum made.
After about three minutes Ethan and Alyssia came in. Ethan wrapped his arm around her shoulders and she did the same to his waist. She flashed us a quick smile but it turned to a frown when she discovered that our seats were already occupied and they settled in at the far end of the bus. I guess they needed privacy you know for the smooching and all.

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