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Tuesday, 1 May 2018


"Not really, Aiden saved me"
"Aiden? You mentioned Harry earlier. Who are they?" She inquired, raising a brow.
"The hottest guys in Mile Ville high and they happen to be my friends" I said, looking at her to see her response. She burst in a fit of laughter, holding unto her chest. I couldn't blame her though, it sounded so ridiculous to me too. If someone told me this two weeks ago, I would hit them with a bat and take them to a psychiatrist, believe me.
But should I actually call them friends?
Harry maybe.
But Aiden?
", I'm friends with that Korean pop band, what's their name again? Yeah,Exo" she snickered, trying to even her breath, but when she noticed I wasn't laughing with her,she stopped then scratched her blonde hair with her fingers and cleared her throat.
"So you weren't joking?"
I shook my head.
"So you are kind of popular now?" She asked and I gave her a blank stare.
Was I?
"How come Tammy? you never talk to anymore besides me- i mean, I'm your best friend. and, and now, just a few days here, you made two. Waoh, that's impressive"
"More actually" I grinned. Trina's jaw almost hit the floor at the mention of that. I didn't blame her though, she was the only friend I ever had.
"Holy mother of pizza!" She stood up, pacing her room. "This is too much, I can't handle it all. My brain is about to go kaboom"
Then she turned to me, grinning "tell me about 'em"
"Well, Flora and Amber are my closest-"
"Do I look like a fucking lesbian to you? Tell me about the BOYS!!!" she yelled.
"Jeez! Girl, alright" I laughed, telling her all about the 'Ashers' our first meeting then Harry's date and the party. I didn't miss out on anything, she laughed at the part when Aiden called me a ugly
"I like Aiden already, or is it Harry? or maybe Ralph, scratch that. I love them all" she squealed loudly.
"You haven't met them Trina" I pointed out but she shrugged and said..
"Tell me more about the part when you almost had your first kiss Tammy" she winked.
"Leave me alone, Trina" I blushed, looking at the ground.
"I so wanna be you right now" she pouted.
I was about to ask her about her boyfriend Charlie until a very familiar voice interrupted me.
"Is that Tamara?"
I waved at Trina, giving her a sign not to let him know it was me, but she didn't see it since he was approaching slowly towards her laptop.
"No, no, no, no. Send him off Trina......oh hey, Tryson" I gave him a fake smile. He stopped in front of the camera, grinning.
"Well, if it isn't Tequila" he said smugly, folding his arms. Yep, he calls me Tequila. This explains why we never get along.
"Don't call me that" I squinted my eyes.
"Because I hate it?"
"Then no" he laughed, his grey eyes twinkling with mischief. "How I missed this" he continued snickering while I motioned to Trina for help.
"Move away Tryson,go do something important with your time" she ordered her twin.

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