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Wednesday, 9 May 2018


"What's more important than seeing this?" he pointed at my face. I was still fuming with rage, my nose blaring and hair all over the place.
"I'll talk to you later Trina" I said quickly.
"Wait Tequila, I was only teas-"
But I didn't wait to hear him finish, I ended the video call and laid on my bed. Stupid Tryson, always ruining my good times. Growing up was pretty difficult since I had the spawn of Satan following my every move.
His pranks were out of this world. Starting from the early morning water balloons to the weird looking gums stuck on my chair every single day of school. He messed up my whole life for me. I was the only one he pulled those pranks on, just me.
The weekend flew past so easily and it was Monday. Mum didn't suspect a thing. The girls visited me during the weekend to cheer me up. We had a girl's night out and I laughed myself to sleep. Harry avoided me for no reason, Flora was the one who returned my phone, she said Harry gave it to her since I left it in his car.
Aiden returned to the guarded Aiden. The rest of the guys including the girls never brought up the party, they were extra careful when talking to me that I had to tell them repeatedly that I was Okay.
The field trip excursion scheduled for this week was postponed to the next and I felt relief wash over me even though I wasn't going.
It was finally a day to the field trip. Harry stopped avoiding me, I told him that it wasn't his fault for me wandering off and almost getting raped. I
mean it was Aiden's, but I didn't say that to him. He sighed, hugging me.
It was very difficult telling the guys that I wasn't going to come. Ralph hugged me severally, telling me he was going to miss me like he was travelling to Mercury or something.
"I can't believe you aren't coming Tamara. I'm going to miss you" Flora frowned.
"It's not like she's dying or anything. I also don't wanna come but my Mum just had to pick up the phone right at the moment Principal Maureen called" Amber rolled her eyes, making me fake a smile.
I got home pretty early, principal Maureen wanted us to go ahead and prepare for tomorrow's trip. I frowned entering into my house. Why can't I just go to the excursion like everyone else?
Why did Aunt Martha get lost on the same school excursion?
Why is my life so complicated?
I yelled when I felt a shoulder hit me. I turned and released a breath when I saw my Mum frowning at me, she looked at her spilled coffee and I sighed, muttering "fine, I'll go get a mop"
But she stopped me and motioned for me to sit down on the bar stool and I did, furrowing my brow.
Oh my! Did she find out about the incident that I dreaded to tell her?
Oh geez!
"Tamara" she started and I panicked.
"Mum, I was going to tell you, but I didn't want to bother you. You know, with your work and everything. I'm really-"
"What are you talking about, Mara?" my Mum asked puzzled.
Shit! I almost gave myself away. I fought the urge to face palm at my stupid conclusions.
"Sorry Mum, continue" I laughed nervously and she gave me a blank stare, shaking her head.
"Principal Maureen called" she said.
"Principal Maureen called?"
"Yes, principal Maureen called" she repeated.
Okay, enough with this already. Like seriously, is
there a parrot in here?
"So?" I prodded
"You get to go Tamara, I want you to"
"What!?.. Mum you're kidding me right?" I yelled. I couldn't stop the smile that was creeping it's way to my face.
"Martha is gone now and I can't change it. I won't stop you from going if you want to my child. That's selfish of me" she looked at her palms.
"No Mum, it's not, and I don't want to go Mum, not anymore" I lied.
"Shut up Mara, you wanna laugh. Look at you, you know you want to. Come here" she laughed, getting up from her chair. I did too, she chased me and bore me in a tight hug, Inhaling the scent of my hair.
"Thanks Mum, but what made you change your mind huh?" I released myself from her embrace, peering at her.
"Principal Maureen called to inform me that the field trip had a great impact in your student's report sheet and I had to agree"
"Mm-hmm" I nodded.
"Yes, Mum?"
"Promise me one thing?" She asked, her eyes welling up with tears. I wiped them out with my fingers and she kissed them.
"Anything Mum"
"Promise me you will return home to me"
"Aww Mum, yes I will. I promise" I hugged her, she cried and laughed at the same time like she knew I was never coming back to her.

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