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Saturday, 5 May 2018


I was in the library when Karl walked in,interrupting what I was doing,I kept busy on what I was doing as he talked to him,but he called to my attention giving me a box,I opened it,seeing a diamond necklace,I thought it was for someone else,only for him to tell me,it was my,I thought I got slapped in my hears,
"Hmm,kell,I like you"he confessed inconfidently,I was shocked
"Is it wrong falling in love with you?"he asked staring at me,this was the chance I got to express my feelings too,buh he didn't let me,he thought I don't like him,which wasn't true
"No,I love you"I said smiling,I couldn't believe I said that,he was surprised too,he smiled,I noticed I had to go and meet the principal,so I thanked him for the necklace and left.
"Why are you so happy "Frank said as I entered inside sitting on the couch
"Someone expressed his feelings to me and gave me a necklace "I said blushing
"Who?"Frank asked
"Karl?"mum doubt
"Yes"I answered
"Wow"Frank said happily
"How did you know about him?"I asked
"Frank told me about him"she said
"Tsh,nosey guy"I said a bit frowning
"It's not bad,so you accepted?"mum asked
"Yes I did"I answered
"You like him?"she asked
"Yes mum "I answered as I stood up to my room.
If you love someone,try making it up to them,and not hiding feelings away from them,cause someone might confess before you do,this is majority for the guys.

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