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Sunday, 6 May 2018


We were all sitting in the sitting room waiting for Karl,until we heard Karl scream from his room,we rushed to his room,entering his room,his eyes were red,his teeth were sharp,and he seems angry,he sped to me so fast holding my neck,wanting to bite me,I was so scared
"Karl,just be your normal self "I said then he fell
"Woah,have never seen a thing like this before"Ken said suprisely,have never did too,but I heard vampires are really powerful and so fast,we carried him to his bed
"I hope he would be fine"jade said,he gently opened his eyes,they were normal now
"Are you okay?"ken asked
"I don't think so"he replied weakly,it was obvious
"What was that all about"ken asked
"Sorry for hurting you max,but I think its a sign"he said
"A sign?"we all chroused
"Yeah,I don't know what sign is all about,but I feel weak"he said,then he starts to bleed from his nose
"You're bleeding karl"jade said as bought out an handkerchief and gives It to him,he sat on the bed comfortably
"You're cold right?"Ken asked
"Yeah,its vampires nature,buh we don't feel it"he said,no wonder his room is extremely cold,you can get freezed in it,that's more reason why we hardly come to his room
"Would you be able to go to school?"I asked
"I don't think so"he said
"Sorry"we chroused
"Thanks but don't let kell to know am a vampire "he pleaded
"You're qualied?"jade asked
"Yes I am"he answered
"I guess we should leave for now"I suggested as we all went to our room respectively, I entered my room and I was scared, I have never seen a thing like this before,but I know Karl is strong he is capable of controlling whosoever is controlling him,I trust him and hoped he would be fine,kell's call came up
"Hey max,I called Karl,but he is not picking,aren't you guys coming to school?"she asked
"Yeah"I answered
"Why?"she asked
"Nothing"I answered
"Okay bye"she said and hang up,am sure she's feeling pretty bad at the absence of Karl.
Enjoy reading readers.

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