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Tuesday, 8 May 2018


"Hey guys,good morning "I said as I sped downstairs,they greeted back as I sat on the couch
"You are ready to go to school right?"max asked
"Sure"I replied but wasn't sure about Kell if she would be happy because I dint come to school and refuses to pick her calls
"Karl can i ask a question"jade asked feeling furious,I gave her permission
"Do u take human blood"she asked
"No I dont"I replied
"But when you wanted to"I cut in,preventing not to remember what happened
"I don't understand that,buh I don't take human blood,I eat and behave like a human but fight in a vampire form"I said briefly,I knew there were still questions coming
"You are the only one like that?"Ken asked
"No,I and some of my friends,but my sister and some of her friends take human blood"I said
"Why?"max asked
"I followed my mum's trait while she followed dad's trait"I said as I remembered my mum,she was a lovely and caring mother,she gave me all the support I needed and never wanted me to be bad like my sister,I was the first child,but my mum treated me like the last born,she trained me to the level I needed to be and always loved me before she died,as a result of heart disease,my dad said the only cure was for her to take human blood,she refused because if she had to take it,she would be addicted to it and become as bad as dad.
"Does your mum know about your runaway?"jade asked
"EM,she's dead"I said worriedly,it was after her death I planned on coming to the real world
"Sorry about that"Max said,I refused to say thanks,there is nothing thankful about the issue
"I guess we r late"I said as I stood up.
We entered the class meeting no teacher in class so as kell,we sat down respectively on our seat,then not long kell walked in,
"Hey guys"she greeted weakly as she walked to her seat,I sensed she wasn't feeling to well
"What's wrong with you?"jade asked
"Nothing"she replied lying feebly,our literature teacher,Miss barbs walked in
"Stand up and greet"she instructed strictly
"What's wrong with kell"I asked myself
"Gooday miss barbs"we greeted in unison and had our seat,we couldn't respond to what she was teaching,she was too strict,she yelled,suddenly jade stood up upsetly
"You're the dweeb in here,you should be the one to address us nicely,and not call us sort of scuzzy names"she said maturely,upsetly,and sincerely,Miss barbs moved out Embarrassingly, jade did the right thing,telling her the truth was the best
"Wow,that was amazing"Ken commented suprisely
"You were great"max said
"Thanks"jade said as they moved out leaving I and kell alone,I watched her as she arranged her books in her bag,stood up and wanted to leave,I held her arm and stood up,she dropped her bag and turned to me,I left her arm
"Hey"I greeted warmly
"Hey"she greeted
"What's wrong?"I asked
"I have fever"she replied coldly
"Sorry about that"I consoled her
"Thanks"she said as tears dropped,I moved closely to her and hugged her passionately,when I was done,she took her bag and left
"I wish she could smile at least"I said,as soon as recess was over,all students came in getting ready for the next period as our political science teacher miss tori came in,we greeted in unison,then I moved out,went to the library looking for kell,where I knew she would be,she wasn't there,I moved outside meeting her sitting all alone,I sat beside her
"What are you doing here?"I asked
"Am waiting for my mum,am going home"she said,I wasn't happy the way she said it
"You would be well soon,trust me"I assured her
"Yeah"she said as a car horned towards us,she stood up,I did d same,it was her mum in a hyundai fuczon car,I guess,a guy came up to us ,I suppose will be at the age 15,
Frank Wayne.
"Wassup sis,let's go home"he said as she left to the car
"You are Karl right"he asked
"Yeah,you are frank"I asked
"Yah,your not bad tho"he said smiling
"You too"I said
"True talk"he said,I liked him
"I guess you should stop scaring your sister on disguising as a vampire,you should be her body guard not to scare her away every morning"I said
"I guess now she's ill,I will stop"he said
"Alright bye"I said
"Bye"he said and left
I walked back to class,the class was over
"Did you see her?"jade asked
"Yeah,she had fever, so she had to go home"I said
"Alright"she said,we got ready for practical classes.
I hope this pov is not to long,enjoying reading guys,muaah.

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