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Wednesday, 9 May 2018


The drugs I took yesterday relieved me a bit,I was a bit feeling well and ready to go to school
"Hey mum"I greeted her as I joined her and Frank in eating breakfast
"How is your health now?"Frank asked
"Ya,quite b@ than before"I replied while eating
"Who did you dream of,Karl?"he asked smirking
"Mum"I called to her,Frank was being naughty,maybe because he saw Karl yesterday,mum cautioned him,as I was done eating I drove to school.
As I walked along the corridor to my class,Timmy the time keeper approached me telling me Mr patrick wanted to see me,I was scared at first,I walked to the office quaily
"Alright kell,you know you didn't do anything wrong, so don't freak out kell"I said as I entered his office
"Good morning mr Patrick"I greeted as i had my seat,he greeted back smiling
"I called you just wanting to know how your health is now"he said,seriously???
"EM yeah,am getting better,thanks"I said smiling
"Ok"he said,he is cool anyway,he is a mentor and a father,I like him,he cares about his students
"Can I leave now?"I asked
"Yea sure"he said as I stood and got out of his office,I walked to the front door of the class about to enter,I overheard
"Karl?,a vampire??"I was astonished,he was a vampire and never told me and he knows I hate vampires
"All I want is not to break her heart"Karl said then I entered
"Well I guess you just did now"I said tears in my face.
"Kell"Karl called my name
"Dont call my name,I don't wana hear it anymore"I yelled
"Kell let him explain"jade said
"He got nothing to explain maybe I was at fault in the first place"I said as I ran to the library,I felted lonely and dejected,suddenly I heard a familiar voice,it was Karl
"Please try understanding me Kell,I didn't tell you I was a vampire cause I knew you would hate me,since you hated vampires"he explained, I tried facing him but I couldn't
"Since you hid your identity from me,maybe you should hid your self from me"i didnt know when i said it,after some time,i couldn't feel is presence any longer,he had left.
I got home feebly,not even noticing anyone at home,as soon as I entered my room,I laid on my bed and slept off trying to get away with what happened and trying all possible best not to hate Karl.
Am sorry for the late updating of pov's,am sure you guys are enjoying the stories
More love readers.
Breaking a girl's heart during relationship doesn't mean the relationship is over or the love does not exist anymore.

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