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Thursday, 10 May 2018


We entered the class meeting no one in class,assuming they all went for practical class,we all settled down
"You guys relationship is going on so well"Ken said
"And both perfect together"max said
"We are?"
"Yea,yet she doesn't know you are a vampire"jade said
""Even though she doesn't know,I never want to break her heart"I said sincerely ,immediately kell bashed in,
"Yea,cause you already did"she said upsetly wit tears
"Kell"I called suprisely,I was shocked
"Don't call my name,I don't wana hear it anymore"she yelled,I could see how angry she was,I could have told her early that I was a vampire
"Kell let him explain "jade suggested
"He got nothing to explain,maybe I was at fault in the first place"she said and walked out,I followed her in such a way she wouldn't notice,she entered the library,I was all wrong the whole time,I thought I could make her smile and happy,I wasn't just get it right,I entered the library
"Kell try to understand me,I didn't tell you I was a vampire cause I knew you'd hate me,since you hated vampires"I explained,she couldn't even look at me
"Trust me,am not a bad person "I said so sincerely I almost got tears in my eyes
"You kept your real identity away from me,I think you should keep yourself away from me too"she said upsetly not even looking at me,I had no choice but to leave.
"How did it go"Ken asked as I entered the class
"Guys,free me"I said downcastly
"Chill Karl,everything would be okay"max assured me
"Karl dinner is ready"it was jade voice,I didn't answer,it was all on my head,not quite long,they all bashed in
"Hey dude,get it over"Ken said
"You are missing her?"jade asked
"Of course"I answered
"I have an idea,we would visit her tomorrow"max said
"You think it would work?"I asked
"Yeah"they chroused,they were gona cheer her up for me and explain everything to her,I thanked them
"Guys am furious,about the sign"I said
"Do you think its a bad sign?"jade asked
"Not sure"I said
"Everything is all fine trust me"max said,then they left one by one,I was pretty hungry but wasn't in the right mood to eat,I picked up my phone to call kell but I couldn't,I felt bad.
It's not to late now to say sorry
Enjoying reading and thanks for following,Love you readers.

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