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Saturday, 12 May 2018


I heard a little noise from the kitchen,i gently sneaked there only for me to see Karl eating,
"Good morning"he greeted while he ate
"Good morning,thought you weren't hungry last night"I said almost laughing
"Well I guess I am"he said as jade and Ken came in too
"Woah,Karl take it easy"Ken said laughing
"Actually if you had eaten last night,you wouldn't be as hungry as this"jade said holding her laughter
"Thanks,and not funny"he still continued to eat,then we all burst in laughter
"Aren't you guys leaving again?"Karl asked
"Are you sending us away?"I asked as I walked to the sitting room while Ken joined jade in cooking
"No am not"he replied,after we were done eating,we headed to kell's house.
"Hey kell"we greeted as she opened the door
"Guys?,what you doing here?"she asked suprisely
"Wouldn't you accommodate us first"Ken said as she let us in,all sitting down on the couch
"So what are you guys doing?"she asked
"Hmm,about that issue yesterday between you and Karl"I said
"Are you done with that?"Ken asked
"Your still mad at him?"jade asked
"Guys,thanks for your care,but am actually feeling sorry"she said downcasting her head then raising it up back
"You are sorry?"I asked perpexly
"Yes I am,cause I was really indignant and could not control my words"she said
"Could you understand him being a vampire?"jade asked and Ken burst into laughter
"Did I say anything funny?"kell asked,Ken was annoying,how could he laugh to a serious issue
"Karl is a lovely guy,he is not a bad vampire,so therefore you shouldn't be afraid of him"Ken said smiling,I thought he wanted to say something stupid,I smiled😊
"Oh I kinda miss him anyway"she said smiling
"He has pink lips right?"Ken asked naughtyly,she smiled
"Of course he has"she answered smiling,
Karl vamp.👍💋💋
then a message came in my phone,it was Karl
"What?"I said astonishingly
"What's wrong?"jade asked
"Karl's in the woods,he said he thinks he as figured out what the sign means"i said
"Then we have to go and meet him now"jade said,we all stood up wanting to leave
"Am coming too"kell said
"Are you sure about this?"I asked
"Yeah"she said then we moved on.
But enjoy reading,imagine on your own what would happen.
Love you readers.

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