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Thursday, 17 May 2018


I had to go with them cause Karl was involved,I was scared though and also was happy I had kind of settled with him through the help of the guys.
We finally got to the woods,it was silent,suddenly a voice came ahead
"We got some visitors here"the voice said as its came nearer,then a girl showed up,she had a dark green hair,kind of look like Karl buh not that exactly,she looks wicked
"Who are you?"jade asked
"New guest"she replied
"Where is Karl?"I asked
"You miss him?"she smiled wickedly
"Where would karl be?"I asked myself looking around the woods
"Guys bring him out"she commanded as two people came out from behind bringing out Karl anchorly
"What are you guys doing here?"he asked astonishingly
"You said you were coming to the woods"max said
"I said I was coming to the woods I never said you should come too"Karl argued
"Alright,we aren't here for discussions,let's go"she said
"Go to where?"jade asked
"To where he belongs"she replied about to turn
"He belongs here"I said immediately she sped up in a vampire form to me,I was just stagnant,i couldnt run,I didn't know what held me to stand still,but I was scared,my heart was beating so fast,I was afraid she would hurt me
"Beatrice stop!"Karl cautioned,she walked closer to me
"Chill Karl,I ain't gona hurt her,now listen and listen good,Karl becomes to us,and not to you humans"she said and sped back to her position,I was like....😕😯,I didn't understand but I felt really bad
"So now what,you're leaving?"I asked
"Am sorry kell"he apologised,why was he apologising,I didn't need his apology,couldn't he stay,wasn't wrong for him staying?,why did he come in the first place?
"You ain't being fair karl"I said,they turned back,then a seal opened,they all entered it.
"Am really gona miss him"max said as we entered their house
"Am sorry about karl"jade said,I couldn't even say anything
"Should I take you home?"max asked
"Num,I will go home tomorow,mum would come pick me"I said sadly
"Would you sleep in the spear room?"Ken asked
"No,I will sleep here"i said lost my
"Are you sure?,or karl's room?"jade suggested
"No,I will be fine on the couch"I said feeling lost
"You can call on me,if you need anything"jade said as she stood up to her room upstairs,the others did the same,I felt lifelessly said sitting on the couch
I felt sleepy,I laid on the couch then slept off.
What do you think would happen?
Will Karl come back or what?
Drop your comment readers.
Enjoy reading.👍✌☺

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