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Saturday, 19 May 2018


As the guys left for kell's house,something was wrong somewhere,the glass cup which I was holding fell,I was shocked cause I held on the cup so tight,then I knew I had to go the woods,I quickly entered my car and drove off.
As I entered the wood,it was silent and almost dark,then I saw "Beatrice?"I said suprisely
"Hello brother"she greeted smiling,then drake came out,after then Katrina
"What are you guys doing here"I asked
"To take you"Beatrice said
"Your dad wants you back and the ritual is almost near"drake said
"So you want me involve,I don't belong there"I said
"Thats the tradition karl"Katrina said
"Mum didn't kill humans,she didn't participate in all those,she do it for years,so am i "I insisted
"She's gone,so forget about her!"she yelled
"Never"I said seethely and didn't know when drake and Katrina sped off to me,it happened fast,i couldn't fight back,they anchored me to the bush,after some time,I heard her talking to some people,I wonder who she might be talking to
"Guys bring him out"Beatrice commanded,they brought me only for me to see the guys,what where they doing here,kell was there too,I was pretty upset,I didn't tell them to come,I only informed them I was coming to the woods,not for them to come with me
"Beatrice stop!"I yelled as Beatrice sped to kell,I was scared she was gona hurt kell,buh she didn't,I felt pretty bad,I was leaving kell,she wasn't happy
"You are not being fair kell"she said sadly,I knew I wasn't,we turned then the seal opened,we entered it to MY WORLD😠.
I was taken to the chamber,as I entered,I saw dad and my three uncles:haha,kongas and merason,Beatrice and her friends left
"Welcome home son"dad said smiling
"Have you forgotten,this is not my home"I said
"Anyway,you are involve for the ritual"dad said
"You are kidding"I said and walked out of the chamber meeting Ralph and Octavia outside,my best pals,who actually are twins and vampires
"Karl,welcome back home"Ralph said as he hugged him
"Point of correction Ralph,this is not my home"I corrected him
"Oh now you are denying where you are given birth too"Octavia said
"Whatever it is"I said
"It's been a long time,we've missed you"Ralph said
"Me too"I said as we moved under a tree and sat down,
"So how was where you were to?"Octavia asked
"It wasn't bad leaving,it was okay,I went to school and made friends,max,jade,Ken and"Ralph cut in
"Was it fun?"he asked
"Yeah,I liked a girl,her name is kell,kell Wayne"I said already missing her
"Woah"Ralph exclaimed
"She is the most beautiful girl have ever come across,with a perfect attitude and smile"I said
"Does she know you are a vampire?"Octavia asked
"Yeah,but wasn't happy when she knew,and I felt really sorry for her,before I came"I said
"Thats so sad"Octavia said in a pity tune
"About the ritual,we are in oppose of it"Ralph said
"Me too"I said
"It's Gonna be bad that day"Octavia said
"I don't wana talk about it,buh I need you guys help"I said
"What is it?"Ralph asked
"Am opening the seal tomorrow,I need you guys to watch out for me"I said
"No problem,you can count on us "octavia said
"Youre leaving?"Ralph asked
"Not so fast,before I do so,I need to cancel this year ritual,enough of it"I said really meaning what I said.
What do you guys think?,is the story flowing so well?,I hope so
Drop your comments.
MillaGold's work✌✌

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