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Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Today was school but decided not to go to school,i still got all what happened in my head,and decided to go to the wood.
As I got there,it was normal unlike how it was yesterday,i decided to sit down resting my back on the tree
"Ouch!"I said as my thumb poked a small sharp stick,i tried getting it out but was working
"Let me help"a very familiar voice said,i looked up and saw Karl,i was dumbfounded😮😮,he scouted,i stretched my hand towards to him,he gently remove d it,i looked at him and saw he most have been staring at me,our eyes hooked other,a and we were about to kiss,but I dropped my head down
"Hmm Karl,are you back for real?"I asked
"No"he answered as he gently sat closely beside me,i didn't like the way it's sounded
"I guess you really don't wanna come back,right?"and asked
"No,thats not it,i need to stop a ritual,killing of humans,by my dad, my unclesand my sister Beatrice,the girl who wanted to hurt you"he said,that was beyond what I could understand
"When's that?"I asked
"Very soon,i guess"he answered doubtly,then he stood up,i did the same too
"How is your thumb now"he asked
"Better now"I said smiling,i didn't know when he peeked me,i blushed,he smiled at me
"I wanna go now"he said
"Now?"I asked,wanting to go with him
"Yeah"he answered
"Can I too?"I asked
"No"he sharply answered
"Karl please,am not taking to long,just for awhile....with you"I said in a pleading tune,he stared at me,like am up to something
". ... alright"he said,i thanked him,we walked some distance more,then we stopped,a seal opened
"Don't freak out"he told me,then we entered,some seconds more,we landed in the woods,his world
"You are finally here"a guy said
"Don't you think it's to dangerous to bring in a stranger?"a brownie headed girl said
"She's not a stranger,shes Kell"he said
"Kell?"they chorused
"Kell,meet Octavia and Ralph,my friends,vampires too"he introduced
"Hey"they both greeted,they looked alike
"Are you both twins?"I asked as we walked away from the woods
"Yeah"Ralph answered
"Okay"I said,his world look okay,no trouble
"Only vampires live here"I asked as we stopped walking coming out of the woods
"No,few humans live here too"Octavia answered
"The area were we are now,is surrounded by only good vampires"Karl said
"You guys are divided?"I asked
"Kind of"Ralph answered,then Beatrice and her friends came up
"Your attention is needed in the chamber now"Beatrice said,he looked at me and was about to leave
"No,not you alone,with the girl"she said,i was scared,i held his hands
"Why?"Karl asked
"Get there first"she said,then we followed them to the chamber,it was more like a palace,it was painted white,five big black chairs,were there,four men,who were on black were on it,one chair was empty,i and Karl were in the middle,i was scared their face were scary,they had dark eyes,a bit like Karl's own,buh Karl's own were lighter
"Am scared"I said in my mind
"Don't be,am with you"Karl silently said to me,did he read my mind or what,how did he know what I was thinking,beatrice and her friends stood far beside us
"What do you want"he asked
"You brought in a stranger"one of them said,how did they know i was around
"You opened the seal"the other said,ones voice was thicker than the other
"Yes I did dad,and jaha,shes not a stranger"Karl said DAD!!!,that was his dad that said he opened the seal,am starting to know them
"You did a wrong the wrong thing"his dad said
"You're the one who's doing the wrong thing"Karl said,then his dad stood up
"Take him"his dad commanded and immediately,i didn't know when one of Beatrice friends sped up and dragged Karl from my side,i was left alone,i slowly walked back as his dad came down,walking to my side
"Dad!let her go!"Karl yelled as he struggled to release himself,then his dad stopped
"Finish it"his dad said and I wondered what he might,i stopped too
"No,beatrice,no,dont Beatrice,dont"Karl cautioned,i was about looking at the back,and see what she was up too until I felt a bite on my neck,i shouted,i didn't know when I lose consciousness,falling on the floor
"Kell!"I thought I heard someone yelled my name.
The story just began😎😎
And am sorry about Kell😥😥😢😭
Enjoy reading.

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