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Wednesday, 2 May 2018


I was watching film with Frank when the door bell came up,
"I'll get it"I said as I stood up to the door then opened it
"Karl?"I said suprisely
"Arent you happy to see me?"he asked and I could see his dimple
"Hm,what are you doin here"I stammered
"Not even a hey,at least"he asked still getting me but
"Okay am sorry,hey"I apologized and greeted him with a bit seriousness
"You are not smiling "he said,I smiled
"What are you doing here?"I asked
"Just wanna hang out"he said
"With who?"I asked
With you of course"he replied
"Does he likes me?"I asked myself
"Oh"I said
"So are you ready?"he asked smiling
"Am I nice wearing this?"I asked pointing to the dress I was wearing
"Sexy"he said smiling,I smiled
"Alright let me take my phone"I said as I moved in,took my phone and came out wearing a big smile,we moved to his car and he drove off
"So where are we going?"I asked with interest
"To see a movie"he answered driving
"Is this a date or something?"I asked myself
"A movie?"I asked
"Yes"he replied
"Okay"I said
You have a brother?"he asked
"Yep,his name is frank"I replied
"You like him?"he asked
"Why wouldn't I like my brother?"I asked myself
"Yeah I like him,but he misbehave sometimes,he scares me disguising himself as a vampire and I hate vampires he keeps telling me,they exist but I believe their is no such thing as vampires"I said sincerely
"You hate vampires?"he asked smirking
"Yah"I answered
"I think you're being sincere"he said
"Yea"I said,I wasn't happy about how jade behaved then i other day,I don't think she fits to be a mean girl,so I had to ask Karl
"Karl,am I a bad person?"I asked as I turned to him
"No,you're not, why asking?"he asked as I turned back to my normal position
"It's jade"I said
"Kell come on,she was been childish and guess what"he said smiling
"What?"I asked
"She send greetings and said she's sorry"he said
"Really?"I asked
"Yeah,she felt bad too"he said
"Awwn"I said,we finally got there he stopped the car,as we both got down together,we entered the mall,bought the ticket and entered the cinema sitting down beside each other,I was feeling uncomfortable
"You're comfortable?"he asked
"Yeah,a bit"I said pretendiously,as the movie started I started feeling cold
"You're cold right?"he asked concentrately as if he had been staring at me
"Yes i am"I replied,immediately he pulled off his hood and covered me with it
"Thanks,what about you?"I asked
"Never mind,i'll be fine"he assured me,suddenly I felt sleepy,and I didn't know when i placed my head on his shoulder.
"Thanks karl"I thanked him
"Yeah"he said
"Your hood?"I asked wanting him to collect it
"You can keep it with you"he said smiling
"Bye"I said
"Bye"he said as I got down from the car,then moved inside,I walked to my room blushing,I fell on the bed hugging his hood,the thing is that i have a crush on Karl but I don't wana show it,and I think Karl likes me,what ever it is I like Karl too.
Am sure you are enjoying this story,if there is any complain,please urge it as a comment,I will adjust,love you readers.
MillaGold's work✌

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