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Wednesday, 2 May 2018


"Wow I look cute"I said to myself as i looked at the mirror although my image looks blurr cause am a vampire,I looked around my room finding everything boring,so I decided to hang out with kell,I wore a carrot jean,a sleeveless t-shirt with a grey hood,on my feet was a footwear.
"Goodmorning guys"I greeted as I walked downstairs
"Gudmoring karl"they greeted back as I sat on the couch
"Wow you look cool,where are you going?"Max asked
"Am hanging out"I replied
"With who?"Ken asked
"Kell"I answered
"A date?"they both chroused
"No,just in the mood"I said
"Guys,breakfast is ready "jade called from the dinning
"Greetings to kell"Ken said from the dinning
"Alright"I Said as I stood up to leave
"Karl"jade called on me
"Yes"I replied smiling,I read her mind,she wanted to apologize to kell,she's sorry
"Hmm,I want you to greet kell and tell her am sorry"she said
"Okay jade"I said,she thanked me smiling,I hugged her kindly and moved out
"I wonder what face kell would wear when she sees me"I thought as I drove.
"Hey"I greeted
"Karl???"she called to me in surprise,sheb wasn't expecting me I guess,making her feel flabbergasted,to the extent she couldn't greet
"Alright Am sorry,hey"she greeted and also apologized
"Youre not smiling"I said smiling
"Come on"she smiled
"Alright am serious"I said
She asked me what I was doing in her house,telling her I wanted to hang out with her,
"Am I nice wearing this?"she asked
"Sexy"I said smiling
"Alright let me take my phone"she said and moved in,a minute later,she came out smiling
"So where are we going"she asked nervously
"To see a movie"I replied while
driving,she was surprised,I was smiling cause I read her mind,she thought it was a date,I love her though,I asked about her brother who she said she likes but misbehave sometimes,she noted she hates vampires,so if she find out am a vampire,definitely she will hate me too and that wouldn't be good
"Karl,can I ask you a question"she asked
"Yeah sure"I answered still driving
"Am I a bad person"she asked as she turned To me and her face gradually becoming sad
"No,you're not,why do you ask"I asked,lemme guess it was jade,I was right,I made I understand jade asked of her and also is apologizing,she was happy after all.
After some drive more,we arrived
"Finally we are here"I said as we both got down together,entering the mall,bought the ticket and entered the cinema, sitting beside each other,I noticed she wasn't comfortable
"You're comfortable? "I asked looking at her
"Yeah a bit"she said,the movie started and we were all ready to watch,few minutes later,I looked at kell and I noticed she was feeling cold
"You're cold right?"I asked,she was,then I pulled off my good and covered her with it
"Thanks,what about you"she asked concernly
"Nevermind,I will be fine"I assured her,suddenly I felt her head on my shoulder,that would be my first touch of a human girl I like on me,I wished I could become human,I looked at her and saw she was asleep,kell was darn pretty,no doubt about it.
"Thanks karl"she smiled
"Yeah"I said
"Your hood?"she asked as she was about getting down
"You can keep it with you"I said smiling
"Bye"she said as she got down
"Bye"I said as I saw her walked inside,it was already evening,so I went back home,feeling happy I enjoyed my day with kell.
Readers I hope you peeps are enjoying this story,maybe you should start putting yourself on suspense as from now,who knows if kell would find out about karl's identity.

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