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Friday, 4 May 2018


It's another day and I have decided to tell kell how I feel about her,its gonna be hard anyway cause I don't know how she feels about me but I got no choice,as I was done dressing I heard a knock
"Come in"I said,the door opened as the guys came in
"Hey Karl"they all greeted,I greeted back as I wondered what they want
"When would you tell Karl about it"Ken asked
"I guess maybe today"I doubt
"Okay we bought something for you"max said
"Not actually for you but for kell"jade said smiling
"Okay,what is it?"I asked as jade bought out a small box
"What's in it?"I asked suspiciously, she opened it and showed it to me
"A necklace"I said suprisely
"Isnt it beautiful?"jade asked
"Yeah it is,but I can't just give it to her like that"I said stemly
"Yes you can"max said
"Shes Gonna be suprise"Ken said
"Alright"I Said collecting it
"That is much better"Ken said smiling.
Meeting the physics teacher in class,we went to our seat respectively,I noticed Kell wasn't in class,even after when class was over,she didn't show up,I went out looking for her
"Where could she be?"I asked myself already tired of looking for her,I decided to go to the library,I saw her sitting there alone
"Here you are"I said as I sat down
"Oh hey karl"she greeted smiling
"Hey,what are you doing here,all alone"I asked as she continued writing,maybe I was interrupting,this wouldn't be good,she was busy
"Uh,the principal needed me to do something for him so I came here,is silent"she explained still writing
"I see you're busy"I said
"Yeah"she said
"Should I give her the necklace or tell her first"I thought confusely
"Hm kell"I called to her attention
"Yep"she stopped writing,I brought out the box and have it to her,and she gently opened it
"Wow,who is for?"she asked smiling,seriously does she thinks I came to her for advice or what
"Actually its for you"I said while my heart beats
"For me"she asked,she sounds speechless
"Kell,I like you"I said it unconfidently,I wasn't good at asking a girl out
"Me?"she asked
"Yeah,is it wrong falling in love with you?"I asked staring at her
"Hmm,actually Karl i"I cut in
"Dont like me?"I asked
"No,I ♡you"she said smiling
"What?"I was surprised,for the fact she said so,probably she must have been crushing on me,I smiled at her,then she stood up
"I have to go meet the principal"she said
"Okay"I said smiling
"And thanks for the necklace "she smiled and left
"Woah!"I exclaimed as I jumped off my seat
"I love you kell"I said silently to myself.
"So how did it go with kell"max asked as we were all sitter in the sitting room
"Sorry guys for not telling you at school but its went perfectly well"I said
"She liked you before?"jade asked
"I think so,for the fact she accepted fast,she must have been crushing on me"I said
"Wow!lucky you"jade said
"Yah thanks"I said as I stood up to my room.
Wow!finally Karl and kell together now.
Enjoying reading readers.

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