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Wednesday, 13 June 2018


The aroma of fish stew and rice was all I could remember as I woke up from a sleep I didn't realize I was having. My head ached like a bitch and I found it hard to open my eyes for a while.
I felt an arm across my belly like I was in a cuddled state. If there was one other thing I could recognize was the strong dusky mintlike Cologne. I opened my eyes to see Luke peacefully asleep, his brunette hair covering up his face. My eyes strode down the sheets where I panicked at his stripped self laying beside me.
Oh my God.. What did we do?
I quickly lifted the blankets to check if really, I was naked too. Thankfully, I was just in my under wears..
Crap..what on earth were we doing before now?
"Stay still...the baby's asleep" He sulked in his sleep and for some reason, the butterflies in my belly tickled.
Was he actually having a dream about us? A future together? As his wife?
Not only is that sweet but hell, it's hot. Imagine such a sexy guy dreaming about a future for you and him, then he says it aloud in his sleep!
Damn... Okay, now I have to stop. I'm sounding obsessed.
I checked the time on my cellphone.
Oh my God! I totally forgot the plan with Anne.. Urgh now that we're finally getting along, my lazy bitchy self is trying to ruin it all. Sorry boo boo, not today.
I tried to pull away from Luke but his grip was strong as hell.
"I've got a plan with Anne, babe" I spoke directly to his face and his eyes snapped open.
"Plans? What plans?" He furrowed his brow.
"Well, last night we made plans to go to the zoo with my brothers and Quinn. You know I don't like staying out late, so we fixed it early and I don't wanna arrive late" I explained.
"Firstly, Quinn already took the boys for skating today and Secondly, you're gonna leave me here alone after I decided to spend my day off with the love of my life? That's unfair" he sulked, dragging me closer to himself for a firm grip.
Who was I kidding? Getting free from this man is just about the hardest thing.
"But...I already told her we were gonna see today. I don't wanna mess our infant friendship up. And it's not like I'm leaving you here alone, I just...."
"You are, shhh" he pressed his lips on mine cutting me off.
I hummed the remaining words as we kissed even as though, I knew he heard nothing.
Slowly, I found myself giving in, exploring every side of his mouth with my tongue.
"At least, I gotta call her" I withdrew from the kiss, panting as if I just ran a Marathon.
"But why? I thought I advised you to stay away from her...babe, I don't want you hurt" he ran his fingers through his hair in anxiety.
"What makes you think that she'd wanna hurt me?" I said slightly irritated of his habits of telling me what to do.
"I'm not thinking it, I know her. She's dangerous" he sighed.
"Fine, if you wanna be friends with's okay. But be careful."
With that, he walked into the shower. He didn't even care if I saw him naked! Sure, we've had showers together but walking naked in the presence of someone? That is just a cringe.
"Goat ass" I muttered beneath my breathe.
"I heard that, pot belly" he called.
At the end, I decided to call Anne and apologize for not showing up. Though she seemed sad but, she forgave me anyway.
Quinn and the kids were still not back even though after I called her she assured me she was on her way..
That bitch and lies will never seize to be friends.
No doubt, I was bored beyond the normal definition of boredom.
Luke decided to spend eternity in the bathroom and I really had to pee.
"Get out the shower soon already!!" I yelled.
No reply, just the sound of running water.
I was alerted by the vibration of something coming right under his side of the pillow.
My Adrenalines are way too active for my liking as I realised it was just his phone.
That was the name written boldly on the screen. Weird, if you ask me.
Who the hell bears such name?
"Babes your phone! It says..Push!" I yelled again only to get no reply.
"Hello? Hi.. Uhm, Luke's in the shower. Can you call him back in like, 5 minutes?" I answered the call politely.
"Is this Gabrielle?" The caller asked.
Wait, how in the world? I don't know a "Push" how does he know me?
"Yes??" I answered unsurely.
"Oh, okay. Nice to finally hear you. I'm Push" he replied.
"Nice to hear you too" the inner bitch in me, would have continued the conversation. Asking more silly questions but no, I have no idea who this is and it's starting to freak me out.
"Do tell Luke to call me, thank you" he said before ending the call.
I couldn't wait any longer, my bladder was about to explode from the panic I just went through.
I banged at the bathroom door so hard until he finally answered.
"Oh my God!" I jolted my way to the toilet seat, relieving myself.
"You could have called though" he smirked.
"Do you know how many times I did that?" I gave him the evil eye.
"Push called, he said to call him back" I handed his cell to him.
"You picked my call?" He sounded pissed.
Okay...boy, why wouldn't I? It wouldn't stop vibrating.
"I'm sorry" I stood to walk away but he held me back.
"I'm not mad, I'm just asking" he assured.
"I know, I was just testing you" I lied.
"Babes... How does he know me?" I inquired.
"How love?" He asked puzzled.
"After, I explained to him and told him to call you back, he asked if it was Gabrielle. I was like, whaaaaat?" I sang giggling at my stupidity.
"What? Are you serious?" He laughed.
"No, I'm not. Omg..I just answered. I was scared as hell. With all the things happening lately.." I sighed.
"Don't worry, it'll be over soon. I won't let anything or anyone ever hurt you" he assured, kissing my forehead with his perfectly plump lips.
"Thank you" I appreciated.
"But still, I'm curious... Who is he?"
"He's an old friend. We worked together in England before I moved here. And coincidentally, I met him with his wife in Wiesteria Lane. A destiny, I suppose" he smiled broadly.
"You know what? I'm inviting them over, so you could officially meet them"
"Yes, babe" he crooned lifting me up and taking me downstairs.
"I'm just in my under wear!" I giggled.
"I'm just in a robe and we're the only ones home" he kissed my nose as he tickled me.
"Jesus! Stop it!" I bit his nipple hard but damn, this man is pain repellent.
"What if your friends hate me, or I hate them...or his wife hates my cooking?" I panicked.
"Don't worry, you'd love them"


  1. Can't wait, read this piece more than once, great work guys

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