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Friday, 15 June 2018


There was nothing I hated more than the nervousness I get whenever I was around new people. I mean, you never know the slightest thing you may do that would make them think wrong of you.
Oh the worst is at family gatherings, when your parents force you to interact with your cousins who never try to even smile with you.
After ordering groceries online because Luke insisted, I laid everything out, ready to cook.
At first, I couldn't decide what exactly. I thought of preparing some gravy and Marconi but hell, that would be too easy. I want something perfect. I don't know what kind of people they are, the food they may like or even how they like it so this was not an easy call to make.
"This is the second meal I've burnt today, Luke. I give up" I threw my hands in the air as I made my way out of the kitchen before he rushed to stop me.
"You're just nervous" he stated laughing at me.
"I agree. And I wouldn't want to burn your house down before you realise how bad it is" I whined.
"No, no, no.." He turned me to face him.
"The Gabby I know, is not a quitter. She can handle anything"
"Including a burning kitchen" he smiled rubbing the sides of my arm to ease me.
I sighed "Maybe you're right. But I can't handle a burning kitchen"
"C'mon" he led me back to the cooker.
"Uurrgh... Just one more time. If it burns, we're going out to eat" I pointed out.
"Give two. Then we'll eat out" he negotiated.
"Okay. You'll take the dinning, while I do the cooking" I suggested and he was on it in seconds.
In less than an hour, we had everything ready including the meal I ended up burning three times before I arrived at a better result.
I had to wait for them to arrive while Luke took a shower. I really don't know why he had to wait till now because he had been in a robe for too long and I was just in...well, my undies.
I know! Cooking half naked for guests is so wrong but then again, less uncomfortable and you won't even sweat much. I could tell Luke couldn't get his eyes off my ass because every minute he came with the excuse of "checking on the food". Ha! That boy, my baby boy.
The doorbell began to ring unexpectedly causing me to almost spill the milk I was drinking.
I opened the door to see a black middle-aged man dressed in a flint coloured suit with a beautiful lady in red standing besides him.
" Hello! You're most welcome, we've been expecting you" I ushered them in as my eyes travelled to the lady's baby bump.
"Thank you so much" she appreciated.
"Hey! Push!" Luke's voice almost made me jump.
Why is everything freaking me out?
"Yo! My man" they exchanged pleasantries.
"And you must be his wife" Luke raised his brow at her.
"Maxine" she smiled reaching out for a handshake.
"My priceless fox" Push praised her and I couldn't help but smile.
"Don't mind him, he's always so playful when we're out" she blushed.
"I wouldn't blame him. We need to make our woman feel loved" he said wrapping his arm round my waist.
Push and Maxine looked so adorable together.
And her baby bump made her look so cute!
Luke was right about them, they were the funniest and most interesting couple I've ever met in my life. The way they understood each other and reminded each other of stuffs as they told one story or the other was hilarious.
I seriously couldn't keep my eyes off her belly as I ate. Don't get me wrong, I love kids but the thought that a human was in there feeding on the things she ate and still excreting inside her belly was quite a wonder.
"How you gotta eat so much?" Push's deep voice broke into my thoughts as he asked his wife.
"I'm pregnant and obviously eating for two" she replied stuffing more bread sticks in her mouth.
Wow...I'm not even pregnant and I eat a lot, then when I get pregnant what's gonna happen to me?
"Have more dear, you need to eat enough for you and the baby girl" I dished out more soup for her.
"Oh it's a boy" Luke and Push corrected.
"Oh..that's also wonderful" I muttered.
" You want a girl for Luke?" Push asked and I choked on my wine causing them to stare awkwardly at me.
"I'm so sorry..I chocked" I explained cleaning my dress.
Luke cleared his throat "kids are for later Push". He said as if understanding my discomfort.
" yeah... Uhm later" I swallowed hard.
"Yeah right, that's what we told ourselves until boom! I got pregnant.. I'm so due to delivery you never know when the baby's gonna come" Maxine said and they all continued joking over it.
For me, that wasn't something to laugh at.
The thought of kids ran through my mind as we ate quietly. Imagine a mini me or a mini Luke, running around the house screaming 'mommy I want icecream!' Or before the toddler stage, as babies they'll cry every single night depriving me of sleep and I end up looking like hell till they grow out of that stage.
That would be rather maddening!
"So..." I sighed returning to the table with desert.
"Push, Luke told me that you're his old friend from England"
"Yeah.. We used to work for some dude that's in Jail now" he shrugged.
"What? Why?" I laughed.
"Well we actually were his.."
"Workers.. Yes, we never knew he was making us handle illegal products" Luke quickly cut in his words.
"Why'd you do that?" I asked puzzled. It almost felt like there's something he didn't want Push to spill.
"Do what?" He asked innocently.
"Cut him off like that" I pointed out.
"No, it's not that Gabby. You see, that's how we are. Try to complete each other's sentence" Push laughed and Luke joined him awkwardly.
"No, I don't believe that. You're hiding something Luke" I hissed.
"Baby, I'm not" he assured.
"He's not" Push agreed.
"Uhm...guys can you not fight?" Maxine pleaded.
"We're not fighting, it's just..I know when I'm been lied to. Or should I say my instincts tell me, I know it's crazy but.."
"Can you not do this here? We've clearly got guests." Luke called and for some reason that triggered the hell out of me.
"What are you trying to insinuate? That I'm a problem starter?" I asked, still trying to keep my calm.
"Guys calm down" Push suggested.
"What? I'm calm. You're not a problem starter just please, calm down Gabby" he pleaded.
"Okay..uhm guys?"
"You're unbelievable" I raged.
"Oh my God.." Push sighed.
"I'm unbelievable? Really? Okay" he agreed.
"Guys!!!!" Maxine yelled.
"What?" We all asked angrily.
"My water just broke.."

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