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Saturday, 16 June 2018


"Oh my God!" She screamed gripping Push's arm as he and Luke helped her get into the car.
Her red gown was all wet with the water that bursted and she started to hyperventilate so bad.
"Maxine, look at me..hey calm down. Breathe in and out calmly" I instructed.
My momma was one of the town midwives and I helped conduct some deliveries at home whenever the women had little or no money to go to the hospital, so I had a little experience in helping a woman in labour.
"Yeah that's it... You feel better?" I asked as she was a bit calm and we were on the way to the hospital.
"Honestly, I do not.. But" she laughed.
"Better than before"
"Baby, don't worry... You'll be fine" Push assured and I could see the worry in his eyes as he tried to comfort his wife.
It was normal, the husbands usually felt guilty at this period. Some of them even go as far as crying and begging for forgiveness from the Lord. Funny if you ask me, what were they expecting? That it would be as easy as taking candy from a kid? Hell, that's not even easy anymore.
"Luke could you drive faster? We have to get to the hospital in time so the baby doesn't die of suffocation. The water is gone and there's so little for his survival" my breathe shaky as I explained.
"Wait, what? You mean I could loose my baby?" Maxine question.
"No, you won't but if we don't get there in time, you might"
I'm so terrible at my temporary job. Thank goodness I didn't apply to be a nurse.
"What I truly mean, is that..we need to get there in time for a perfect delivery. Please stop talking and start breathing in and out. Thank you" I said hoping I had gotten rid of her anxiety.
"Just an hour more and we'll be there" Luke said specifically.
And immediately the car started to slow down a bit. The speed limits that were meant go to go up, were decreasing all of a sudden, causing the car to gradually come to a stop.
What the fuck now?
"What's happening man?" Push inquired as the car stopped firing.
Luke sighed "I gotta check the engines"
"What's wrong?" I came down to check it with him.
Ask me if I knew what I was checking...*shrugs*
"The top gasket is burnt" he dipped his hands into his pockets for his phone as he dialed a number.
", the car won't move?" I inquired.
"It won't even start. And if peradventure it does, it'll definitely stop again." He sighed.
"What? Babe she can't remain in labour for however long we may be here, the baby might not make it" I stated pointing at where she and Push sat.
"I know. I'm trying to get in touch with the mechanics" he walked out for a better service
"Oh my God..oh my God!!!" Maxine cried in pain.
"Baby please just try to hold it in okay? I know it hurts but please baby for us" Push begged.
The whole place was in chaos. Maxine was trying her best to control her breathing, Luke was calling up car mechanics but no one seemed to be available and we were in the middle of the road where there was no clinic, no pharmaceutical store, no house or even a
simple kiosk.
My mind was only telling me to do one thing which I've never wanted to do in my life, not even in my dreams!
I can't...
Yes you've seen it happen.
It's horrible!!
"I can't hold it in!" Maxine cried further.
She's in know it.
It's difficult.
That's a life we're negotiating on here...
What if it fails?
What if it doesn't? You'll never know until you try.
My eyes travelled far from the car and I noticed there was a shop just a mile away. Perhaps they would have at least a cotton wool or gloves.
"Yeah...what's the matter" He rushed in the car.
"Have you reached them yet?" I asked with my brows furrowed.
"They said they'll get back to me, can she wait?" He asked looking at the situation.
"I'm not sure"
"There's a shop, not so far from us..just right there" I pointed out.
"I don't know how much time she or the baby has. I need you to run as fast as you can. Get me gloves, anything like a mat or something.. I don't know, get sanitary pads, cord clamps..some antiseptic..."
"'ll be fine, I love you" Push panicked but still tried his possible best to comfort her.
"Don't ever get me pregnant!" She screamed and continued breathing as I told her to.
"G...get a big black nylon. Keep trying to reach them. It's better for them to come after the baby's out so we can get to the hospital for other medications." I finished.
"Okay" he rushed to go.
"Be careful!" I called.
"Okay Push, I want you to gently rub her waist. Maxine, I'm gonna take off your gown so you and your baby can feel free okay?" I said.
After I had managed to free her from her clothes, we moved the seats forward.. Making enough room at the back for the delivery. It wasn't much, but it was comfortable for her to lay back while I stayed out.
"Oh my God...your baby's head is out already!" I exclaimed as I checked her.
"Is that bad?" She asked scared as hell.
"No, it's a good thing. I wonder where the fuck Luke is!"
"Here!" He called coming to the back.
"Whoa whoa...stay there. It's code Red" I informed.
I'm not pretty sure what I meant by code red, but he didn't come any further.
"Got everything?" I asked as I met him beside the passenger seat.
"Almost. I got the gloves, no mat, just a little towels. There's everything else you listed also pumps and some lady gave me drugs. I told her what happened" he finished off with a sigh.
"Why didn't you bring her with you? I'm not sure I can handle this" I complained, keeping my voice down.
I was no doctor but I know how freaked out patients get when they overhear their doctors say they're unsure of themselves.
"Listen to me Gabrielle. I know you. You got this. You're a precious lady with hidden talents. Maybe this is one of them"
I didn't know what to say at the moment, My mind had said the same thing to me and now he's saying it too.
"Thank you so much. Calm your friend down too. He needs that." I appreciated.
"Go make us proud. Good luck" he planted a short kiss on my lips for luck.
"I wanna push right now Gabby...I can't hold myself anymore" Maxine cried as she spoke with pain in her voice.
I quickly put the little towels underneath her, forming a large cover, then I put on the gloves, looking her in the eyes I said:
"Let's bring this baby into the world"

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