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Thursday, 21 June 2018


I could tell from her grunts during contractions and her unending sweats that she was in the second stage of labour.
Though she had managed to maintain the position I instructed her to stay in, she was a bit unstable like she was unsure of her ability to carry on.
Of course I did my job to encourage her, make her envision herself with her baby in her arms and somehow that drove her nerves into action.
I watched as her face grew red as she struggled to bring a life into this new world of ours.
"Go on're almost there" I comforted as I read her.
"Okay now I need you to stop pushing and pant, alright?"
I checked her and found out the baby's face was completely covered by a membrane and according to what I saw mamma do, I tore it away so the baby can breathe.
"Gabrielle!!" She screamed grabbing my shoulders and her body naturally brought the baby forth.
A gigantic grin spread across Maxine's face and her eyes lit up like the sky on the 4th of July as she heard her baby cry for the first time.
Even I couldn't believe I could pull something like this off.
We were interrupted by the sound of an ambulance from afar and I had to clean the place up before going to check things out.
"I had to call the ambulance babe..waiting for the mechanics was rather dumb of us instead of calling the emergency unit first" Luke explained reaching out for a hug as he planted a kiss on my cheek.
"How's she? The baby?" Push asked looking devastated.
"Don't worry! She's fine and congratulations!!! You're now a proud father of a baby boy!" I laughed shaking his hands firmly.
"Wow babe...I'm so proud of you!" Luke kissed me again.
"Can I see them?" Push asked and I nodded for approval.
Soon the ambulance arrived and in less than an hour, we arrived at the hospital.
Immediately we got in, I rushed in the toilet to perform a cleansing for both my system and my hands.
I must have gotten nausea from having to conduct a delivery. Even with momma, it happened. This was probably why I ran away from science practicals.
"Hey, you okay?" Luke asked as he sighted me getting out the restroom.
"Yeah...just a usual reaction. You good?" I asked awkwardly.
"Mmh hmm" he hummed.
We sat still in the waiting room while the doctor and nurses attended to Maxine and her baby. Push has been outside making one call or the other. Indeed it was a unique day.
My phone started to ring all over the calm room causing me to jolt. I had no knowledge of my phone been with me all the while. Speaking of which, I needed to call Quinn. I haven't heard from her or my brothers..
I'm such a shitty sister.
"This is Gabby" I answered.
"Salvador.. Where the hell are you guys? You left the house unlocked. Oh wait..are you guys locked upstairs finally hitting it off?" She teased.
Speak of the devil
"Girl are you high on something again?" I questioned cracking up.
"Oh shut up. Seriously where are you? We miss your ass" she bawled.
"Okay baby girl, I'm at the hospit.."
"Oh my Goodness! What happened?" She hurriedly cut me off asking numerous questions as I rolled my eyes in exhaustion.
"We're fine! Jesus, Quinn calm's a long story but I promise I'll tell you all about it when I get home. By the way, how're are the boys and whose number is this girl?" I requested.
"Edwin's. The boys are fine. They had fun and they're taking a hot bath now. Come home early okay? Love you" she sang before hanging up.
Luke wrapped his arms around me as he began to explain why he cut Push off so fast at dinner earlier. I'm sure he must've noticed how distant I kept myself from him in the ambulance.
"Yeah..I'm not mad. At least not anymore. Omg babe...we're that baby's Godparents!" I exclaimed.
"Sorry to ruin your conversation but Ma'am and Sir, did you come in with Mr&Mrs Perry?" A man dressed in a white cover all, which appeared to be a lab coat with his name tag by the side, appeared right before us.
"Yes, Doctor Liam" Luke and I stood for proper introduction.
"Okay. And who conducted the delivery?" He asked coldly. His expression dull and unpleased.
What if I did something wrong? Of destroyed her womb.. Oh Lord no..
"I...I did?" I spoke up unsurely.
"Is there anything wrong?" Luke held me closely as he questioned the doctor.
"Not really. I must say..thank you for saving a life. That baby would have died from fetal distress if the delivery wasn't conducted in time." He stated.
"Are you a medical personnel?" He inquired further.
Someone make him stop before I undergo another session above a toilet seat having to reply the scenes.
"She's not doctor but trust me, she's multi talented" Luke spoke proudly.
"May we see the baby?"
"Yes, of course" he approved.
"And the mother?" I asked.
"She's asleep."
A nurse guided us to a room specially for babies, although people were not allowed to go in except they were midwives or nurses. There was a thick glass where you could see the babies. Each one had their name tags on the cot where they laid. Some were peacefully asleep while some had their eyes open, cooing at the new world they found themselves in.
      And that's when the nurse pointed our godson out. He was asleep indeed, all dressed in blue with his little cap on his head. His tiny hands, clasped together as he laid by his side.
I wasn't his mother but I was proud. I felt somewhat emotional at the moment. All these babies, so innocent brought into a world filled with nothing but hate and cruelty.
"You okay" Luke asked as he noticed my unending sniffing.
I don't even know if he feels the same way as I do now.
"Yeah..let's go home?" I begged burying my petit self into his large feature. This is my addiction. Him.
The drive home was unusually quiet.
Nothing was wrong but I just felt..weird. Like I was starting to see things from a different perspective. I just wish whoever wants me dead would somehow disappear and let me have my happiness again. Although Luke has assured he won't let me get hurt, what if he gets hurt protecting me? Or my brothers?
     I can't stay hidden forever, if the stalker is still out there, then they'll definitely find us. I just can't remain in a shell for so long and lately, I'm not even helping with anything.  I feel completely useless.
Immediately we got into the driveway, my eye got stuck onto something pinned on the door.
    When we closer, it turned out to be a note.
"Don't tell me..." I ran my hands through my hair out of frustration.
"That it's another weird letter? Okay I won't" Luke shrugged, crumpling the sheet of paper.
Well who was I to think the stalker would just disappear into thin air like a fucking wish?
"Wait..what does it say?" I inquired.
"It said 'Well played...hope you win the game at the end' don't worry about it baby. Just promise me you won't leave the house. Anything you need tell me, I'll have it get to you" he said as we got into the house.
I sighed having to imagine how imprisoned I'll be in this big house."what if I need a walk, to the park or something?"
"Then wait for me to get home and well go. Promise?" He brought out his pinkie for a swear.
"Welcome Mr&Mrs Levington. Are you back from wherever?" Quinn teased grabbing me for a hug as I quickly pinkie swore to Luke.
"Missed you bitch" I hugged back.
"Weirdos...where's Edwin?" He smirked.
"Upstairs with the boys. Y'all go do boy stuff.. Weaklings!" She mocked as he ran off.
"What so?" I asked puzzled walking to the kitchen to prepare something for us to eat, again.
"The long story.. Duh?" She shook her head in disbelief that I'd forgotten so soon.
Just as I was about to start, my phone started to ring and I couldn't help but wonder who the hell it was this time. If it's some weirdo, I'm killing myself right now. I've had enough. Can I enjoy my youth for once? Just once?
"What?" I slurred at the poor dialer.
"Jeez Gabby, you pissed or something?"
"Anne?" I asked unsurely.
"Yeah it's me. Are you okay?" She asked.
"Oh my goodness.. I'm sorry" I laughed mouthing 'an Anne' to Quinn who seemed confused as hell.
"I was just been silly. I'm so sorry"
"It's fine. How about our zoo plan? You cancelled?" She asked again and that I think of it, I need to make it up to her for bailing out the other day.
"Yeah..I mean no.. Of course it's still on" I laughed nervously.
Why am I acting stupidly right now?
"Great! Tomorrow by uhm...1:30pm? Okay by you?" She insisted.
"Uh yeah..perfect. See you then"
"What was all that?" Quinn asked.
"Girl.... Please you gotta come with us to the zoo" I begged.
"What the hell Gabby? You're supposed to be in remember? What if something bad happens to to you out there? How the hell do I explain that to Luke..." She gasped.
"How do I even live?"
"You're overreacting..jeez..shut up!" I laughed stuffing bread into her mouth before she continued her drama.
"I'm not. I'm serious Gabby, I don't want you hurt" she fessed after chewing on the bread.
I sighed " I know, just trust me. Nothing is gonna happen, okay?"
"Just don't tell Luke"
"Don't tell Luke what?" Luke inquired.

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