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Friday, 15 June 2018


“I remember this place,” Fiona whispered as the Bentley sped up a narrow road. Yes, yes, yes! She’d been here before; she was sure of it.
Electronic gates opened and a huge mansion glowed in the twilight
“I remember this,” she whispered, feeling like a fool
“Do you?” Max’s smile was wide, but there wasn’t much warmth in his eye “who cares if you do”, he thought
“Did you think I would fake it?”
“No, of course not.” Bitch
A silver Jaguar was parked in one spot and there was still room for another vehicle-undoubtedly her car
“Your Porsche is in the shop, waiting for a part.”
“I drive a Porsche?”
“You did,” he said. You will again. As soon as you’re well and we get the car back. But you might want to wait awhile…….because of the accident.”
If only she could live that one night over again
“And if wishes were horses, beggars would ride…”
“Pardon?” Max asked
“Oh, it’s nothing, just something my mother used to say…”
Yes! Her mother, she had an image of a woman, but it wasn’t clear.
“You remember her?” “Our” mother idiot
“Yes…, not quite but I will.”
Max reached into his pocket for a cigarette.
“You said she was dead.”
“That’s right….Years ago.” Our mother
Too bad, she thought
“Over here-the elevator, “Max reminded her as she glanced around the house experiencing the feeling that she’d never set foot in here before.
But you remember the house! You did! Don’t worry about it. “Do you want to go straight to the bedroom so you can lie down?” he asked
“Sure, that will do”
                               *                     *             *
    The lab coat was a couple of sizes too big, but it didn’t matter. One of the burn ward nurses hadn’t shown up for duty tonight because his car was bad and his cell phone stolen as the hospital was searching for a staff to fill the void.
     By the time they were busy with that, he’d be done. The lights were too bright for his liking, but there wasn’t much he could do about that, and he shoved a pair of semi-recommended glasses onto his nose. He walked with confidence. The name tag on his ID card and picture were of Daniel Cooper. He figured no one would notice that the picture on the ID card didn’t match his face as he strode down the hallway. What a joke.
     He had always been on the outside looking into the hospital. Well now he wasn’t only looking, he was fucking smashing the window.
     Near the burn ward, he waited until the overworked Nurse on duty was called into a room. As she went he crept on silent footsteps to Parteno James’ room.
      Lying in bed, the man looked like a monster. Any skin that was visible was red. Bandages was on some part of his body. He looked stiff, as tubes going in and out of his body dripping God-only-knew-what into his bloodstream
      Too late.
James wasn’t going to make it.
He moved to the bedside of the unlucky bastard. That’s what you get when you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Too bad, James.
You cost me, you son of a bitch, he thought, then took a small, rubber sheet from his pocket and placed his gloved hands over James’ mouth and nose. The man stiffened, tried to breathe, struggled in his unconscious state. Parteno James had been knocking on the door of death for much too long. He just helped the bastard.
     As he moved silently away from the bed and the damned monitors starting beeping loudly and wildly, he smiled and walked on silent footsteps to a back stairs. He opened the door and left.
     The way he looked at it, he’d done the sorry son of a bitch a favour. A big one.
He ran into a nurse running in the opposite direction
“Excuse me,” she said, her gaze moving to his ID card then up to his face. A confused expression crossed her face. “Daniel?” she said. “Hey!”
    He turned quickly. Dashed through the glass door and prayed the woman didn’t get too close to look at his face, as he nearly tripped over an elderly woman being pushed in a wheelchair.
“Son of a bitch,” he whispered, taking off the lab coat and running across the express. He looked back, saw the nurse at the door. She was talking to another woman. Her fingers were pointing in the direction of the street. Still running, he ignored the pain in his ankle, crossed another couple of streets and found his jeep just where he’d left it.
Adrenalin surged through his blood as he climbed in, he lit a cigarette and left the hospital behind.
He’d had nearly gotten caught.
But hadn’t
Grinning to himself, he looked down at the white lab coat with its ID tag and the picture of Daniel Cooper staring up at him. He placed his cigarette on the tag and the smell of burning plastic filled the Jeep.

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