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Saturday, 16 June 2018


Chapter twelve

Dash *POV

I can see the enmity in sophie's eye, that's the last thing I want her to feel towards me.. I want to explain everything to her, tell her everything but i can see that she wont listen nor understand.. My heart ache from the stres and sorrow.

Was about to leave then Brian decided to grace me with his presence.

"Where the fuck have you been?? I drawled angrily
"sorry dude, went to sort some stuffs out" Brian replied apologetic

"Let's go away from here, then you can tell me the thinga you went to sort out! " I said

After the arrival of Sophie, Brian movements is very questionable, like he seems know more tham he let go.. I took a glimpse at him, he kinda look cool but what's under all this facade???

Sophie 's Pov

After Dash left i left relieved but at the same I felt heartbroken...
No, get your shits together soph, he's not the one for you... Because of him papa is papa
That's the horrible truth I keep reminding my shallow self,  even if i stil love him.. We can't be, hot tears flowed down my eyes.. I felt my phone ringing... It was Matt

"Hello Matt
"Hi Soph, everything okay sis?  Matt asked i can see the stres in his voice, the responsibility he's forced upon.. My sweet brother... I can't tell him what happened in school today, yes he will eventually find out but he's so stressed right now..

"Am fine matty" i replied calling him, his favorite nickname
"Good to hear, let's talk later ok" He said and cut the call.
The class is over and I have no more classes to attend today... Okay home, here I come..

I packed my things was about to leave when Sasha arrived with her busybodies.. Sorry for the bad language.
"Hi Soph" she waved her manicured fingers at me.. Bitch you showing me your claws??!  Ok lemme introduce you to Sasha brooks. She's my class mate who ahave been eyeing my post as the leader of the school cheerleaders and finally got it when I went for my four months vacation.... Ehheew, she can have it who cares!!

"Hi Sassy " I know she hates the nickname.. But again who cares..

" awwn look at our runaway leade, oh did you get more ugly? she said and her fellow laughed... Ohshit, how is this funny??
" ohMy, so you mean in others words I got prettier than you?? My bad?? "I smiled at her cornily
" bitch you not worth me ten times "she retorted angrilI
Now I got her, i walked past her thenhen bumped into knowingly.. I can see the surprise look on her fellows faces... They better know who they are dealing with!  Ugly bunch of fakies..... Was almost at the school park when I spied mind quickly flashed back our previous encounter and Dash thrashing him... oh god this is not gonna be good.

Ignore the typos
This was rushed

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