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Tuesday, 19 June 2018


Sophie's POV

At the glimpse of Daniel, my first thought was to hide or run as far as my leg could take me, but the demon looking guy already saw me and he's walking towards me now... I can't escape this.. Fuck

Look casual, talk casual

I kept mumbling until he's in front of me..

"Hi Sophie " Daniel said without no hint of sarcasm or disgust..didn't he remember yesterday? Well maybe he did and he didn't want to be on the bad terms of the senator son... Hilarious right, well maybe not that hilarious 😂😂
."Hi Daniel" I greeted like we were on good terms, but Still searched his face for any hint of contempt but there ain't one, well if there is, he did  better job hiding it.

"How's Matt? " Daniel asked. Are we making polite conversation now??.

"What did you want Daniel??, am not deceived by this" I said impatiently.  So better stop beating around the bush.

You hurt me Sophie, are you saying I can't  make polite conversation anymore??..

"Well,  polite conversation or not, am not in the mood to exchange words with you " I said and walked away..

I heard the foot steps,  but everything was blank before I could feel anything

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