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Thursday, 14 June 2018


Chapter 48

    Katie rushed to the hospital with Fred in her car. Tony was holding him at the backseat, blood was all over his body. He was bleeding fast and slowly drifting to unconsciousness. Katie just couldn't stop crying, her eyes were blurry and she couldn't see the road clearly as she drove the fastest she ever did. Why had he done that? Why had risked his life? Katie cried for the fact that she had misjudged him all these while, had called him heartless, had thought of him as a person who couldn't feel. But this same person had taken a bullet for her boyfriend's sister, knowing fully well how much she meant to the recovery of Tony's mother. Hadn't he thought about his own mother who just lost her husband? Did he want her to lose her only son too? What the heck was he thinking!! Katie wiped her tears for the hundredth time. "Don't worry Katie, he would be fine." Tony consoled from the back with a voice which was saying another thing. They both knew only a miracle could keep him alive, no two ways about it. She nodded, couldn't even reply. They finally got to the hospital and Fred was rushed to the emergency room. Katie and Tony waited patiently outside, some policemen came to join them, Hudson included. "Did you get that bitch? Just tell me she didn't run away." Katie asked Hudson. Georgina just added to her crimes, if it were left to Katie at that moment, she would kill her in cold blood. "We caught her as she was about to escape, she is in our custody with her son, what do you want to do with them?" Hudson asked. Katie was relieved, finally Georgina was caught and it was time for her to pay for her crimes, her prayers were answered. Just that not all of them got out of there safely. Just look at Fred, fighting for his life, Katie couldn't stand it. "Just be patient Hudson, I will deal with that woman to the extent that she would regret being given birth to, I swear on my life.!!" Katie said, gritting her teeth. "Mrs Stiles, she isn't even in any state to be told what happened to her son, she hasn't gotten out of the shock from the news of her husband's death. I hope she's gonna make it and get over all of this. Katie do you think he will survive?" Hudson asked. Katie's eyes meandered to the emergency room, tears rolled down from her eyes again. "I really don't know Hudson, I don't. Right now, all we can do is hope." She replied, though she wasn't going to heed to that, she didn't wanna get disappointed even after hoping, oh no, she didn't. She prayed silently.
   As they were waiting, her mind went back to how she had first met Fred, it seemed like a decade ago now, her work as a reporter and the mission that actually brought her to Danpa. She couldn't help but wish she hadn't met Fred or get caught up in any of this. She was enjoying her life at least. But no, she would still be a scared dog, she wouldn't be the woman she was now, Wayne was bound to come back and she wouldn't have had the courage to face him. All these events moulded her, turned her into who she was and this was all thanks to Fred, he played a great role in making her a strong woman, he had also been through a lot to lose his life right when everything was over. Katie cried again, could she still be happy? Could she still be joyful? After everything? God knew she deserved to be happy, she never was, she never particularly enjoy life. Her past was always following her anywhere she went. But now it was all over but she didn't find that happiness one gets from success, nah. Maybe because Fred was a part of her life already, maybe that was why she felt terrible. Upon everything he did to her, deceiving and playing her, she still felt something for him, but she just wasn't sure if it was love, it couldn't be. When love is shattered and broken the first time, it can never form a whole again, never. Fred had been through a lot, what Georgina made him see, maybe that was why he couldn't accept the fact that he was attracted to her in the first place. She should have understood him instead of hating on him, she should have showed him that he loved her but he was just finding it difficult to accept it, she shouldn't have ignored him. He had helped her a lot, in finding out about her past, he had helped her. He had even been the one to notice Helena wasn't who she thought she was when she was still caught up in her undying love for her, blaming herself for her fake death. Fred was the one who investigated just so she could know what really happened and how all the events were connected, if he didn't love her, he wouldn't have gone through all the stress. She should have known he was lying when he said he felt nothing, she should have thought about all of that and made him realize what he really felt, but she just ignored, she isolated herself from him. She knew she wasn't at fault too but a part of her wanted her to have done the right thing. But there was no going back now, even if Fred recovered, she could never go back to him. She had Tony now and she was extremely happy with him, really happy. But a part of her was still for Fred, hell yeah. All she could do now was wish he could survive this.
     "Doctor how is he?" Tony stood up abruptly to meet the doctor who just came out from the emergency room, removing his gloves. It could only mean that he was done, and his being done meant he would have to say whether Fred was going to live or not. Katie's heart pounded, she wished she wouldn't be here to hear what the doctor would say. She was scared, really scared right now. She waited patiently. "Doctor tell us what's happening? Is he okay now?" Hudson asked the middle-aged man too. He should be in his fifties but he already had a pot belly and plumpy body. Katie now wondered if the pot belly was a qualification for being rich though it was common among the poor people also. This man didn't look starved though, which doctor would.? "I'm sorry fellas, he won't be able to make it." And boom!!! The bomb dropped. "There is no way he will be able to survive this. The bullet hit him at the wrong place that even if he survived, he would never be whole again, I'm really sorry." Katie half expected this but still, it hit her really strong. The tears were uncontrollable now. Why did this have to happen!!! Why???!!!. Katie felt extremely shattered, she couldn't even think straight, she was gonna lose him, forever! This wasn't fair, it wasn't at all. First it was Cameron, now his son. Maybe their reward wasn't on earth because Katie strongly believed there is a reason for everything, everything that happens. Still, she felt too broken to accept that. "Are you Katie and Tony? He requested to see the both of you though." The doctor told them. He wanted to see her? How would she be able to face him at the last moment of his life knowing fully well that she couldn't do anything to save his father's life or his. How would she be able to look him in the eyes?. What had he done to deserve this, oh no.! "Okay doctor, how many hours does he have left?" Tony asked, Katie went to look at him, their gazes met. Katie could read his face, it was filled with regret and sadness. Sad because Fred was dying just because he sacrificed his life for his own sister's. Regret that the both of them hadn't even been buddies, they hadn't even been friends. They had had a challenge, he had even been jealous of him. He had underestimated him and he could never have thought in his wildest dreams that Fred would do him this big a favour. Katie knew if he were given one more chance, he would make things right with Fred. But we don't all always have second chances now, do we? "Not up to an hour, I will get the hospital priest to pray for him before he goes, you guys should take heart and hurry up, make him smile before he goes to meet God." The doctor said and left them. They were both hesitant to go in. "The doctor is right, you both need to see him before he breathes his last, you owe him that at least." Hudson pushed. They both walked slowly into the emergency room then. Tony opened the door and let her in, he followed her then after closing the door. There she saw Fred, still dashingly handsome even at the point of death. He looked just like himself, smiling widely as they entered. He didn't even look sad that he was leaving the world soon, that was Fred. This made Katie cry the more, the tears just wouldn't stop coming.
    "Heard I just gat an hour left. I don't want to leave this world knowing that I left the love of my life crying now do I?" Fred said as they both got seated by his side. Katie tried for a smile, but it just wasn't working. "Common now, you both don't cry. I'm not going forever, I just want to visit God, will be back in a jiffy." He continued. Katie couldn't even try for words. Her throats were sour, her lips seemed like they had been glued together, even her eyes were blurry, she could hardly breath. "Man, I'm extremely speechless. What you did back there.... I could never have thought of doing that in this life and the next to come. Buddy we aren't even close, you actually sacrificed your life for my sister? Man, how can I even repay you for that?" Tony found courage to speak though his voice was just breaking. "By making Katie happy, that's all I want buddy, just make my Katie happy, it's the only way you can repay me for what I did. I don't ever wanna see her cry, she deserves more than happiness Tony, never ever give her a reason to worry, never leave her side. Please promise to do that." Fred told him. Tony squeezed his eyes deeper as the tears drilled for his eyes. "I promise bro, I swear on my life." He said. Fred smiled then and stretched to pat him. He then faced her.
   "Katie, I have just minutes left, I think I got to tell you this. I lied about everything I said to you that day, I lied about not loving you, I just couldn't accept it. I love you, more than anything in this world. It just took me long to accept it. I was a fool to have thought I didn't love you. You are the second woman I have ever loved with my soul and mind. First is my mother, before she was kidnapped, and then you can into my life. You changed everything in my life, you showed me how to love and feel. When you entered my life, you made me whole. I had had many girls before you but all of them was to pass off time, no one ever got to me as you did. You are my heart and soul. You taught me how to be a man, you showed me that not all women are the same as I used to think. You proved that there are women who don't just want your money or enter your life for their own benefits, those that think about you and just you. I was lost in life Katie, I was stranded, I wasn't moving forward because I had no reason to move forward. But you showed me that I couldn't achieve anything by being stagnant, you showed me how to live and feel. Feeling is life. Fred months ago would never have thought of sacrificing his life for someone else, but I did, just because you changed me. For the first time, I wasn't thinking about myself but others, others. And most of all, you showed me that LOVE HAPPENS, it always does no matter how much you avoid or evade it. It happens to everyone and though it cost me my life, it made me the happiest man on earth, I have never been this happy. I am happy death came soon, because I couldn't have ever stood your being with another man, the same way I wouldn't have dared taken you from the person you love and who loves you. That's why I am happy dying, I have never been more happy." Fred said. Katie had cried all the water in her body away, Tony wasn't left out either. Katie still couldn't get words out of her mouth, she couldn't. "Do you have any wishes Fred?" Tony asked after some minutes have passed. "Yes, just one. Take care of my mother please, I had plans for us but turned out I can't carry them out. I am putting her in your hands, you both, please take care of her, tell her I love her. And tell her I am sorry, really sorry." Fred replied.
   The priest came then and the prayer session went on for a while, meditation too and the burning of candles and incense, everything happened so fast, Katie didn't even realize it was past an hour already. The priest and manservants left then, Tony escorted them out. Katie went to hold Fred's hands. "Katie please, I am going any moment from now, please say something, please, I wanna hear your voice before I die." Fred pleaded. What could she say, what could she voice out? She then decided to tell him what she had been denying herself in her heart. "I....I love you Frederick Stiles. I have always had and will always do. The...the reason I can never love Tony is because I still love you, will always do." She said and that was the truth, she was still in love with him and the reason she couldn't love another man was she never got over him, and now that he was going, could never get over him. She would spend the rest of her life loving him.
   He smiled and beckoned her to come closer and she went and held him in her arms. She rubbed his forehead gently. "Be happy Katie, be happy." He said and slowly but steadily, he drifted into the deep sleep they had all been waiting for.

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