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Thursday, 21 June 2018


Chapter 49

   Katie got to the police station. Her eyes were pale and swollen already, she was feeling broken until she set her eyes on Georgina. Her head sparked. Hudson was beside Georgina, he hurriedly came to meet her to stop her because they both knew what she would do if she got to Georgina. "Georgina can't get off this mess, the press all had the events all over the news, the evidence against her is too strong for her to get out of it. What do you want to do?" Hudson asked as he got to her. Two deaths right before her eyes, she deserved more punishment than the Justice of the Law. Katie would make her suffer and yearn and plead and cry. She would punish her in her own way before giving her to the law to handle. "How fast can you get me a horse with reins please?" Katie asked. "You can get one from the beach, it will take just thirty minutes to get there and back." Hudson replied her. "Get me one then, all expenses on me, send your men." Katie told him and he ordered some policemen immediately. They took off to the beach. Katie couldn't even afford a smile even if it was crooked, she was just emotionless and felt as lifeless as ever, even her parents' death did not affect her this way. "What do you have in mind?" Hudson asked her, suspecting something too. "Hmmm, do you know what they call lynching? I am going to do justice for all those deaths before handling her to the law." Katie replied looking at one man that was just dragged in shout about being innocent of the crime he was accused of committing. What a life. Those that are guilty get out free, those that are innocent are apprehended. Lies and deceit and betrayals have filled the world, no love for one's neighbour anymore. Katie didn't understand how someone would derive happiness from killing another person and stealing and all. Don't they have conscience at all? If the world was all about caring for one another, putting our neighbours first before ourselves, there would be peace. We all sit down to blame politicians and government officials, theirs is better than ours because at least theirs show, everyone knows they are corrupt and all, what of us silent killers? Have we ever watched ourselves? Are we also clean? Before pointing out at others, we should look deep down in our hearts if what we do isn't worse that what they do. "Lynching? Katie but that's against the law." Hudson told her. Hmmmm, laws. What laws actually? Laws that can be bent and manipulated? Who follows laws nowadays? We all avoid and bypass it, even those that made it. "I know, but Georgina's case is far against the law, she will face the law also, but the mob action first. Will give you any amount you want, I have planned a lot for this. Any amount." Katie said convincingly. Hudson accepted and when the horse was brought for her, Georgina and Wayne were released to her on the protection of some cops. Tony, Helena, Jenny were all there with her by that time. Katie naked the two of them, stark naked with nothing on, tied them to the horse and mouted it. She put a stable microphone right before their mouths with the speaker tied behind their backs. She looked at Georgina right in the eyes before she mounted. Katie's eyes were red already. "You lose Georgina, you lose, it is game over." She rode them naked all around the streets of Danpa. She made sure she missed no Street. They were on it for hours, till dawn!!!. Georgina and Wayne were both confessing their crimes while being tied to the horse naked and walking the whole town. News reporters and journalists took videos, even the crowd that followed slowly behind them. Katie made sure they were publicly disgraced. Then the next day she arranged some girls to beat up Wayne and give him marks with harmful objects while sexing him. They were professionals. Georgina was beaten also by a crowd of people. Katie felt nothing, her conscience wasn't even working. She was blank and emotionless. She got a call from Tony that her property and wealth and fortune had been given to her and she could go and claim it, she was rich!! Rich and powerful and popular. Nothing could stop her now, she was strong now. It was all she ever wanted, all she ever dreamed of.
   At the afternoon of that day, Tony came to her house after she had returned Georgina and Wayne to the police station for the right justice. She was taking a drink on her lawn. "Katie....." She looked at him but all that came out were tears. Tears. What had they turned her into, why did they kill her while she was still alive?. Why?!!! She ran to hug him tightly and cried on his shoulders for some minutes. "Tony I am losing my mind, I am losing it." She told him after she released him. "That's why we have to get out of this town for a while. So everything will be okay. Let's go on a vacation for as long as it may take. You need this, you do." Tony told her. He was right, that was just what she needed. "What of Jenny?" She asked. "I took her to mom after she decided to buy a house near Fred's grave so she could sleep with him every night. I don't blame her, someone she never knew gave his life up for her, she would never get over it. She is with mom now and mom's condition improved when she saw her, the doctor confirmed it and said in few weeks, she would be the strongest woman in the world with her daughter by her side." Tony explained. "And her son?" Katie asked. "I decided to take them along too. We will all go far away from here, far away." Tony replied. Tears rushed from Katie's eyes again. She just couldn't stop them. "And Vanessa? She is the only memory left of Fred, we swore to take care of her." Katie reminded. He nodded then came to hug her back. "Yes Katie, she will live with us in fact. I will be a son to her, she won't feel his absence. I don't know how she will take this, she has been asking after her son but I think I will tell her everything when we get out of town. She can grief all she wants then. But not for long, because I will be there for her." Tony told her. Katie turned to look at him, she held his hands and her throat shook as she was about to talk, it was sore already. "I wish every guy will be like you and Fred. Tony, you are all I have left, all I have left Tony." Katie said. He hugged her. "Katie I heard all you said to Fred before he died and all he said to you. I want you to know that I don't care if you never love me the way a girl loves a guy or the way you loved Fred. I don't care if you never love me the way I love you. I just want to make you happy, I made that promise to Fred. I will never leave your side, I will be your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister, your relative, your companion, your life, your peace and your everything. You are the reason I live and I will sacrifice my entire life for you. All your problems are over now, I want you to live the rest of your life in joy and peace. Will you marry me Katie? Make me your husband for the rest of your life, never leave my side, let me fulfil my promise to the love of your life." Tony proposed. Katie cried harder now, she cried loudly. "Yes Tony, Yes." And that was it. Men like Tony were hard to find, men that will stand by you in time of crisis, men that will sacrifice their happiness just for you. Men that put you first before themselves, men that will do anything for you. Tony was one of those men and she would never lose him nor take him for granted. Never.
     Few weeks after Fred's burial, Georgina was judged and was killed by hanging. Wayne went to jail for life and Helena was to serve some years in jail. Just five because she confessed to her sins. Katie could have saved her from it all but Helena refused. She said she wanted to pay for her crimes and the only way she could live was when she was punished for everything she had done, so she also went to jail with every other low criminal involved in the crime and had been helping Georgina with her bad deeds.
   It was time to leave Danpa for good. It was the last day. She took excuse to meet them all at the airport later. She used that time to visit her parents' graves. She got there and knelt in the middle of the two graves. She placed the flowers she brought on each of the graves. "Wow, mom, dad. What a daughter you have raised. Look at me. I don't know if you are proud of me where you both are now, I don't know if I am doing things that please you, I don't know if you are even watching me. But I want you to know I love you both, deep down my heart. I know your death turned out to be a blessing in disguise. You have proved that losing a parent or two isn't the end of life because there is always a blessing attached to a misfortune. All those days of crying are over mom and dad. Being mocked in school of being an orphan, no one to show up for me when parents are called. No one to pet me to sleep, no one to listen to my complaints, no one to cry to, no one to save me from horrible experiences. But all of that turned me to who I am today, all of that made me see the world, all of that made me realize there is no place for weak women in this world, no place for dependent women. Every successful woman must have been through a lot, a whole lot and if we all can't summon up courage and face life as it is instead of wallowing in sorrow, we can never have a place in this world. Your deaths taught me a lot, it built me and I wanna achieve all your dreams for me. I have cleared your names now of the crimes you were lied upon, I hope I took the right step. Help me to move forward. Help me to be happy. I need you to strengthen me now. I love you both." She cried for a while there before moving to Fred's grave.
    She spent some minutes thinking and crying before finally talking. "Frederick Stiles, I want you to know I will never forget you, never ever. The worst thing that has ever happened to me was your death alongside your father's. Why did you leave? Why? Didn't you think about your own mother? What would she do? I promise on your grave Fred, that I will spend the rest of my life at her service, I will make her the happiest woman in the world. I will take care of her. Fred that was so courageous of you, so courageous. You didn't think about yourself when you did it and I will always say, if it were to be me, I would never have made that decision. You gave up your life for someone. Guys like you are meant to be worshipped, they are meant to be praised. Only few people can do what you did. I was being unfair to you during your life, I thought you didn't love me because I loved you with every oxygen I breathed in. I loved you so much. Not only did you also prove to me that LOVE HAPPENS, look at the way we met, see the situation. How could someone had thought everything would go this way. Love has no question baby, just let it come to you. Everyone is scared of being hurt and all, but what is the purpose of loving when you aren't ready for the pain? The pain all makes us strong and able. No one should be scared of being hurt and no past experience should come in the way of love, if only we all put our partners first before ourselves, we wouldn't have to be heartbroken. Fred you taught me what love is. Love only means putting someone else before yourself. It is not a feeling, it's not an emotion. There are many definitions to it. But it is just an action. Love is not meant to be felt, it is meant to be proved and you just did Fred, you just did. You weren't thinking about yourself, you took my problems before yours, you helped me find out the truth about my parents' death and the bad side of those who I thought were my close ones. You ignored your own problems because of mine. That is Love. Yes, that is Love. If only others can love like this, if only. I love you Fred, I love you with every beat of my heart. Sleep well. You still live in me."

    With that, she left the cemetery and straight to the airport where everyone was waiting for her. They all were going to start new lives, though the pain of the past would never leave them. We all shouldn't live in the past, but always look forward to the future.

   This is a lesson.

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