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Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Amber pulled a strand of my hair, making me yelp, I turned to glare at her.
"Why!!" I rubbed my head.
"Opps, sorry. You zoned out and I had to, you know....oh, hey Aiden" she greeted. Aiden only nodded, acknowledging her which made her to roll her eyes and handed me an attendance sheet to fill in my name, address and parents' name and phone number just in case anything happens. I did and passed it to Aiden. I looked closely, trying to get a little info on his background but it only left me with a puzzled expression.
He only filled in his name but left his address, parents' name and phone number blank.
After four hours, we finally reached our destination.
"My legs are asleep, I think I'm going to stay right there and try to wake them up" Max bleated feebly.
"Ahh, freedom. It's good to be finally out of that" Ralph jumped out of the bus, glaring at it, making me stifle a laugh.
"Oldies Holmes " Amber muttered, getting down from the bus and I followed.
"It doesn't sound scary to me" Flora got out, stretching her arms.
"Why should it even sound scary? Is it haunted or anything?" I panicked, staring at Flora.
"Yes Tamara, everyone dies, everyone dies" Sam mocked.
"Sam!" I warned.
"It isn't, sweet. Even if it was, I would protect you. You have my word" he said, wrapping his arms around my shoulders and pulling me to his chest.
"Save yourself first" I said, hitting him on his chest with my elbow and smirking, seeing him cry out in pain. Aiden came out, his eyes twinkling when he saw my little act.
"But seriously guys, is it haunted?" I prodded.
"No, Butter face, there's nothing like that, trust me" Harry smiled, coming close to me.
Aiden rolled his eyes, leaning on the bus, watching in amusement.
"Gather round everyone, well, we're here" Mr. Tyler smiled, making everyone roar in excitement.
"But sir, how does this have an impact on our student's report sheets?" Billy Jasper, the boy with the highest GP in our class whined, he adjusted his black rimmed glasses and brought his bag uncomfortably on the ground exposing science text books and gadgets. Seriously, doesn't he understand the meaning of fun?
He would have actually passed for being hot only that he was occasionally wrapped in baggy jeans and way too large sweatshirts. His hair always a black messy mess. He groaned, squatting down, trying to zip it up. The goth I recognized on my first day of school came over and smiled, helping him out. I guess they were friends.
The goth and the gee k.
What a nice story tittle, you think?
"That's a very brilliant question Mr. Jasper, you see, at the end of this exercise there will be a commentary stating that it would be very easy for you all to associate, work and live with new people, which is an headstart to get in college" he smiled, making everyone erupt in 'ohs'
"So, you will all be placed in a group of tens.....not so quickly girls" he laughed when four girls immediately stayed closely with the Ashers, wanting to be paired with them.
"We get to pick" Mr. Sebastian came over with some other teachers.
Everyone whined, hitting their feet on the muddy ground.
"Okay, now. Max Miles, Tamara Alonso, Amber Williams, Flora Anderson, Harry Benedict, Ralph Reece, Sam Kosarin, Ethan Salvador, Alyssia Grande and Aiden Zachary, over here" Mr. Tyler said and I gasped, all our friends got to stay together. How's that even possible?
I got an answer when I saw Ralph grin, then fist bump Max.
"What did you do?" I turned to Max.
"Well let's just say it had something to do with me coming in late" he laughed and the guys gave him side hugs.
"Bring out your maps everyone, remember to work as a team. The first set to get to the motel automatically wins this round. It's all about team work and being persistent guys. Let's go" Mr. Sebastian said, urging everyone to move forward. The rest teachers carried the coolers and other camping materials with them.
The land was a little deserted, Flora stated that it was an exclusive sight, reserved for tourists and she wondered why our school decided to use it this year. Then she concluded that maybe they wanted a new sight to make it more interesting which was good too.
Tall trees filled up the whole area. It had a woodsy scent and branches lined up the paths, I could see little ponds from the corner of my eyes. a ridge was close by and I shivered, imagining someone accidentally fall off.
A Hedgerow of rose bushes planted along the edge of the field, giving it a pleasant and less terrifying feeling.
"I think a little on the left, that's what the map reads or what do you guys think?" Ethan asked and we all stopped.
"No no, that place is off limits, Ethan. That's where the boat is" Max disagreed.
"What boat?" I inquired.
"Haven't you heard of the 'Echoes Waters' where the boat is located?" Sam moved in front of me.
"No Sam, she just moved here" Harry said then faced me "it's nothing to worry about, Butter face, trust me"
"You keep telling her to trust you, but you almost gave her away to thugs and you want her to trust you" Aiden snarled, putting his hands in tight fists.
"Guys, let's not do this right now, we need to win this. I won't take any consolation prizes" Ralph glared at both of them, leaving me puzzled.
First of, it was the whole 'Oldies Holmes' then the boat, now Aiden. How am I sure this place isn't a confusion Arena. Things just keep deteriorating so fast that I'm scared that if I blink, It would all be over.
But little did I know that- that place was about to change something about me.
So, The Goth And The Geek huh? ;)..I think a light
bulb of ideas is suddenly creeping it's way in my
But I'll let you guys know if I wanna write a story
about them, maybe when I'm done with this.


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