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Thursday, 14 June 2018


I walked back-well I almost walked back to my room unfortunately Jake pulled me back and I glared at his hand on my left arm. I tried removing my arm from his grip but it was hopeless he was obviously too strong.
I looked at his face only to find him glaring back at me as well 'like what's his problem'.I looked away suddenly feeling very intimidated. He even looked annoyed.
He pulled me impossibly closer, "you see this was all heart taking and everything but that's not why I brought you here. Bryan is your trainer whether you like it or not I wouldn't care less. He is going to train you starting tomorrow-"
I scoffed while cutting him off "but...I don't want him as my-"
Before I finished my statement Jake cut me off this time by tightening his grip on my arm,I was certainly sure it would leave a painful bruise. "Never cut me off when I'm speaking do you hear me!" his voice boomed making me whimper.
"Alpha you are hurting her!"Bryan shouted stepping forward.
Jake was still glaring daggers at me-boy was he furious. "move one step closer warrior and I will rip your head off your shoulders". I wanted to run so far away at this moment. Bryan moved back slightly but he looked really angry.
Jake loosened his grip a little but it still hurt like hell "Answer me witch!" he spat. I nodded my head so fast it hurt but I was so scared. He tightened his jaw "speak!" .
I swallowed hard "yes...I won't do it again I'm sorry" .My heart was racing so fast. I didn't understand this Alpha Jake guy. One moment he would tease me,make me nervous and a bit scared but right now he was a monster. I have never seen him look this furious and scary before. I wanted to die!
I looked down but he grabbed my chin surprisingly softly this time and made me look at him. "listen carefully witch I am not your friend and don't think for one second that because you are my mate I will take kindly to your disrespect. I don't give a shit about your little vendetta against this mutt-" he pointed his index finger angrily at Bryan and continued, "You will train with him starting tomorrow morning at eight and you will respect me because I am your Alpha now. Don't think for one second I won't punish you for disrespecting me. You will do as I say,do you understand me!"
I quickly nodded scared as hell. He let go of my arm and I mentally sighed in relief. Unfortunately he still held my chin forcing me to look at his completely black soulless eyes "Now Get.Out. "he said slowly but his tone was deadly.He dropped my chin and scurried off like scared little dog but I did not dare look back.

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