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Friday, 15 June 2018


I thought about what Bryan had just said and he was right. These were just basic self defense skills,I had to at least be good at this. I am now living in a world of evolved living beings-the least I can do for myself is to be able to defend myself.
I breathed in and bent my knees a little changing my stance. Just as Bryan was about to lung at me I quickly dodged,grabbed his right arm and twisted it hard. He groaned and I immediately kicked his left knee earning a crackling sound from it then I took this chance to throw him on the ground as hard as could. After he was down i quickly straddled him and grabbed his throat chocking him a little.
We were both breathing hard and he coughed out a laugh "Now that's what I call real self defense,ouch" .
I smiled at him and leaned in closer,he widened his eyes and I just ignored it. "You a werewolf, remember?" I said with sarcasm teasing him. He really looked uncomfortable,I scrunched my eyebrows and followed his eyes.
I started laughing after realizing he was uncomfortable with our very intimate position.
"Bryan Lynol are you having dirty thoughts right now,Mr." I said playfully slapping his right cheek.
He frowned a little swatting my hand away,then he smirked earning a raised eyebrow from me. Before I could ask why he had his naughty face on he flipped us and I was on the ground this time with him straddling me.
"Oh that was dumb..." I said with a fit of giggles. Just then I realized how I really had missed our happy moments. We were finally back to our old playful selves,how could I not forgive him?.I finally smiled and pecked his cheek "I forgive you" .
His eyes glistened and he looked so relieved and happy. Before he could reply me he was suddenly thrown off me and there was a loud crack on the wall beside me. I quickly stood up and looked for the threat. "Shit" I said out loud when I found a very furious Alpha Jake with bloodshot red eyes repeatedly punching a very shocked Bryan. The sight was getting very gruesome with every passing second and I didn't know what to do.
I quickly ran to them and tried to pull Jake away but he simply pushed me away. I staggered backwards and fell on my butt. Why was he beating Bryan!, I thought to myself.
There was blood everywhere now,I looked at Bryan and saw him falling in and out of consciousness.Jake's hands were covered in Bryan's blood,he kept punching Bryan and letting out thunderous growls. Worst of all nobody was helping him,the few people that were left just stood there and watched!
I did the only thing that I could possibly do in this situation,I screamed "Help!Somebody help him!" . I scrambled to them again but someone pulled me back and it was the last person I wanted to see right now.The blond beauty...
"It's best you let me handle this,he won't listen to you" she said with a smug smile covered in pink lipstick. She was wearing blue skin tight tiny sport shorts and a pink sports bra. I breathed in deep and let her stop the gruesome beatings Bryan was receiving.At this point I just wanted this to stop before someone kills someone.
She walked towards Jason swaying her invisible hips,I really wanted to roll my eyes so bad. She put her hand on Jake's beautiful large arm which was practically bulging with muscles and whispered something in his ears. I saw him tense up a little,he shook his head and stood up slowly.
I scorfed out loud unintentionally at the scene.Honestly,so he was willing to listen to the over caked make up blond-who by the way is not his soulmate.This was just ridiculous!
I quickly ran to a groaning Bryan and knelt down beside him not even bothering to look at the blond still whispering things to 'Alpha'. Yeah ,that's what I'm gonna call him because his just 'that' to me from now on.
"Oh my God Bryan are you dead!" I exclaimed as he groaned again-he was a bloody mess. I felt tears well up in my eyes,I didn't want him to die
"please don't die...oh my God" before I could touch his bloody face I was harshly pulled up by non other than the 'Alpha'.
He turned me around so I was facing him-boy did he look enraged.His eyes still glowing red and bloodshot.He started dragging me with him.
"Jason wait babe,you can't leave with...that!" the ridiculously blond said grabbing 'Alpha's' arm.Somehow I was actually grateful-i really didn't want to be dragged anywhere by him.
'Alpha' growled loudly " better let go of my" he said warningly. She suddenly let go quickly as if his arm burnt her or something.My happiness was short-lived. Now i was gonna die a painful death considering how Bryan was beat almost to his death for nothing-i was so dead.
I started crying out loud in panic when he started dragging me away again. "Please Alpha don't kill me!" I shouted trying to remove his hand from my arm.When he didn't let go I started scratching his hand and then I bit him.
He growled and stopped in a hallway. I was almost relieved when he let go but then he grabbed my pony tail harshly and dragged me to God knows where.My head hurt like hell,I started crying hysterically knowing that whatever he was going to do to me was inevitable.

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