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Wednesday, 13 June 2018


"Kell,no,no!"I said to myself,as Beatrice bite Kell on the neck,that was dangerous,she might become a vampire or die,i angrily release myself from Drake and ran to where Kell was,carried her out and took her to the house
"Guys!"I yelled as I entered,they came to my rescue,ralph carried her to the couch
"Guys,what am I gonna do,she was bitten my Beatrice"I said as tears rolled down
"It's getting to late,she will become a vampire or die when it's noon if we don't act fast"Ralph asked
"Yeah"I said as I kneeled on the floor beside the couch,where Kell was laid
"Come on Kell,i don't wana lose you,come on"I said silently holding her hand,as tears flowed freely,her skin were already cold,her lips were getting dry,she hates vampires,am sure she wouldn't be happy,if she becomes one
"Karl I have an idea"Octavia said
"What"I asked
"Remember what your mum told us,prevent becoming a vampire"she said
"Oh that,you feed your blood,and bite were she was biten,to close the mark"Ralph said
"Guys,come on,that wouldn't work"I said
"It will,trust us"Octavia said,i did trust me them,i then bite myself myself and gave Kell my blood to drink
"Come on kell,come on"I said while giving her,she wasn't drinking
"Karl"Ralph called to me,i didn't notice him,all attention was on Kell
"Kell please,i don't wana lose you now,please,i still love you"I said as I fed her my blood,she was taking it little by little after I was done,it remained biting,where she was bitten,i was scared of doing so,but I had to,she casped,as I bit her,it was painful
i know,i could feel the way she felt,i was done,blood was on my lips,i wiped it off and came back
"She's gonna be fine"Octavia said as she used herb to clean the mark where she was bitten,so it's will erase,kell was just to stubborn,she was gonna be mad if I didn't allow her to follow me here,now shes here,shes hurt
"You couldt have brought her here"Ralph said
"Yeah,i was stupid"I said upsetly,starting at Kell
"You don't have to get mad about it"Octavia said
"She will be fine as normal"Ralph said
"By noon,she'll wake up feeling better"Octavia said,seriously,i make sure Kell leaves the next day,i called the guys,telling them they should come to the woods,to take Kell,they were also surprised Kell was with me,a lot of things were on my mind,after I carried kell to my room,till she wakes up.
"Come on,eat Karl,kell would be fine"Ralph said as we all sat for dinner
"Am not hungry"I said as I stood up to my room,wanting to check,if she had woken up,as I entered,i saw her sitting on the bed,feeling cold,my room was too cold
"You're awake"I said as I closed the door and walked to where she was
"Hmm"she said,i picked up a blanket and covered her with it,then checked the mark,it had already healed up
"Do you still feel any pain...on the neck?"I asked as I sat on the couch
"Am kind of relieved"she said dully
"Anyway,you are leaving tomorrow morning"I said frowning,i was still upset with her but didn't just wanted her to know
"Leaving tomorrow?,don't you think its not necessary"she said,now she's really on my nerves
"I will be fine"she said not wanting to leave
"You wouldn't be fine and I don't think you're even fine,dont you get it,why are you being so adamant"I yelled as I stood to the other side of the bed
"Karl"she called my name supposedly
"What I was preventing actually came up,and if not for the help of my friends,you could die or become a vampire,and am sure you really don't wana become one, cause you don't know what am exactly facing as a vampire"I was so much upset
"You need my help"she said
"Of course,i don't,your helps are no need to me,you claim you can help me,buh you can't,their just gonna add to my problems,you aren't a vampire,so I thought think you understand"I said upsetly
"The only help I need from you,is please just go home and be safe"I said
"You're harsh at me... now"she said sadly
"Cause if I don't do that,you would not wana go home"I said calming down
"Am sorry"she said,her voice was,i don't know,like she wants to cry,i know I losed temper,some while ago
"I don't need your apology,you are leaving tomorrow and that's it"I said strictly not looking at her,i saw her cleaned her tears
"Okay"she said as she laid back on the bed,not facing me,i knew I was harsh this night,i was really sorry,i heard her sobb silently,but couldn't move close to her,after sometime I sat on the couch,were she was facing,she had already fallen asleep,her face wasn't inviting,it shows she cried
"Am doing this for the best kell"I said to myself
"I just want you to be fine and safe,cause I care so much about you"I said as I peeked her on her hair.
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