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Thursday, 14 June 2018


I didn't like how Karl spoke to me last night,he was too harsh,he doesn't wanna understand the fact that he needs my help,now making me feel my help is in relevant.
I had already woken up,but didn't wana stand up,karl wasn't in
"Good morning pretty"Octavia said as she walked in bringing in a tray of breakfast and an hanger of cloth,she placed the tray on the table and placed the clothes on the couch
"Hey Octavia good morning"I greeted faking a smile
"How are you feeling now?"she asked sitting on the couch
"Better"I answered
"Wow,thanks to Karl"she said smiling
"Tsh,like he cares"I said in my mind
"Of course,he does"Octavia said,please tell me,she didn't read my mind
"How did you do that?"I asked suprisely
"We vampires can read minds and do other powerful things you don't wanna hear about"she said
"I don't wanna hear about it too"I said,vampires are strong,fast and smart,its Gona be hard to compare them with the werewolves
"So about Karl,he is doing the best thing he can,so you wouldn't get hurt,like what happened recently"she said
"But I think he is over doing it,he was harsh at me last night,and it was not encouraging"I said sadly
"Well am sure you cried,its written all over your face,but still kell,try letting it over your head"she advised
"Trust me,he will be fine,he has a way of doing his things"she said smiling
"Just for now,am not leaving"I said
"He isn't too,try feeling the same way he feels about you,karl is not a bad person,understand that okay"she said
"Okay"I said
"Great,now eat breakfast and get dress,well I guess it's not too tight"she said looking at the clothes
"Think so too,thanks"I thanked her
"No problem"she said and left the room,i ate and got dressed,i was all in black,my hair poured down
As I was done,i moved downstairs,
"Hey"I greeted not smiling,karl was with them in the dining,they were waiting for me I guess,cause they weren't eating
"Hey girl,whatup,y aren't you smiling,are you okay"Ralph asked
"Yeah sure,am fine"I said faking a smile,then I went outside sitting on the pavement lonely,not a while long
"Hey"it was Karl,he greeted sitting beside me
"Oh hey"I greeted as I quickly changed my mood,so he wouldn't notice am sad,i faked smiling
"Kell,stop faking it,i know you aren't happy"he said sincerely,my mood changed back to how it was,now he has realise what he did
"And am sorry about last night,i knew I was harsh and made you feel hurt,am sorry"he apologized,i was speechless,didnt know what to say
"Am freaking out Karl"I said not looking at him,i was pretty sad
"You don't have to,its just for the main time,everything would be fine"he assured,i couldn't still look at him
"Hmm"I said
"Alright people we gota go"Ralph said as he came standing in front of me,octavia stood beside him
"Are you ready to back on kell"Ralph said,karl stood up
"Back on??,why?"I asked
"We are passing the long route,if we pass through the short one"Octavia said,the short route,the we passed when we entered,that wat she meant
"It's kind of close to the chamber,his dad can easily sense,you are moving out"Octavia said
"With that he can send for you,and there is no way on earth he can't get you"Ralph said,his dad was so powerful
"So that's y we are taking the long route"I said
"Yeah,so you have to decide which one of us you are backing on,cause we are all running"Ralph said,they were Gona speed,now who should I back on,i looked at karl,he was looking at me too,was he waiting for me to choose him or what,i was taking time
"You know what,maybe karl should do it"Octavia concluded,karl was gonna back me,thats crazly insane😮😮,
"Or you don't want him?"Ralph said,octavia poked him
"Ouch"he said
"It's fine if you don't want me"karl said looking at me,he wasn't showing any emotions,was he gonna be jealous if i was at Ralph back??,I never wanted him to be
"Hmm,am fine with karl"I said faking a smile
"Okay great no problem,we gotta go"Octavia said as she sped off,ralph did the same,left alone was I and Karl
"Hmm"I said lowly
"Are you gonna hop up?,or you're not comfortable with it?"he asked
"Am fine"I said confidently not looking at him as I hopped on his back
"Were you going to be jealous,if I had hopped on Ralph's back"I asked unconfidently,its took him time to answer
"I wasn't"he said sharply,he wasn't certain
"...Karl,i'll miss you"I said as I wrapped my hands on his neck comfortably,in such a way,he wouldn't get hurt
"You can't rate how much I will"I said and sped off,he was just to fast,we met up with the guys,i think they waited for us on the way
"You kept us waiting"Octavia said as they ran,i felt above the world,i rested my head at his back comfortably.
We got there,getting from his back,entered the seal and came out safely meeting ken,jade and max,now I was afraid of letting go,i felt unhappy as I went to meet the guys,its a bad thing the twins didn't enter the seal with us
"Karl,keep it calm uh,we all love you"max said
"I love you more"I said,then he entered the sealed back,now I felt a part of me was gone,the guys took home,on getting home,mum and Frank were surprised but lied I was with the guys and apologied for not coming home,i had so much in my head.

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