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Saturday, 16 June 2018


"how are you feeling?"frank asked as I sat down for breakfast
"Frank I don't remember telling you that I am or I was not feeling good"I asked a bit upset,am sure they will quite be wondering about yesterday
"No offence okay chill"frank said
"Are you going out today?"mum asked
"Not certain"I said,then frank stop took his plates to the kitchen and moved to the sitting room
"Bye guys"he said and waved as he moved out for his dance rehearsals,and very soon mum would pick up her bag and soon get going for work,i will be left alone at home,of course she did what I thought she would do,mum had already gone to work,i was left alone.
When it was afternoon I got crazly bored and decided to go to the guys house.
As I entered,all eyes were directly on me,like they were expecting me,i walked to where they were,max was on line with someone,
"Was it Karl?"I asked myself,max gave the phone to me,i gently collected,and walked a bit fr from them
"Karl"I called to him
"Kell"Karl called to me,i missed his sweet voice,was he still upset with me?
"You don't wanna speak to me right?"I asked
"That's not it"he said
"I missed you Karl,so much,but I don't think you do"I said in a low voice sadly
"Is that what you think?,kell come on,i know I was quite upset with you before you came home but trust me,i did missed you,so much more than you do"he defended
"Hmm OK,can we meet in the woods tomorrow..... please"I pleaded cause I knew he wuld say no
"Kell you know that's not possible"he said
"Yeah I know,but please Karl,just once,please'i pleaded
".... alright"he said
"Okay thanks,i love you'i said smiling
"I love you too kell,very much"he said and then we quit conversation,i gave the phone back to max,then the guys cheered me up,i was quite happy,when I got home late in the night mum and frank where already at home,i gave them some of the snacks which I made for the guys,i got all nice comments about it
"Geez,its not inviting"frank said jokely as he ate it,
"I knew you would say something stupid"I said smiling as I went up to my room,he might the opposite of what he said,as I entered my room,i changed into my pajamas and had my sweet sleep of life.

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