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Friday, 20 July 2018


I just want to enlighten the students out there on how to be a success in your undergraduate level

Many undergraduates today don't know how to express themselves literally, due to some reasons or the other which i don't really know about, but as a student or literate person, many things are required and expected of you,  one thing is you must be able to write, understand English, it's not until your English is perfect, which brings about the nature of written examinations especially those that require maximum amount of words and self expression, even in your final project,  much more is expected. You will see some students doing well in cbt examinations, but when it comes to written, they are not impressive,  it's not because they are not brilliant, but they haven't built themselves in the theoretical aspect of studying, some undergraduates cant write common letter,  and that's where it starts from.. 

Anyways enough of that,  i only want to share some tips that enhances successful written examinations 

Attend lectures

 If you're opportune to be having your lectures concurrently , it's important not to miss classes,  aside from the attendance,  that you can even still manipulate easily, most times word expressions from lecturers are everly remembered,  because it is practical, the examples they give will stink in easily into the memory, so you will even remember them when reading or writing the examination. And your continuous assessment is also fundamental,  the likes of assignments and test,  which will boost your scores then the accumulation with the exam score could result to a good grade. Don't  underestimate.


 Reading is very compulsory, and that's is every student primary aim of being on campus, if you don't read, you fail, it's not a curse, and its also very important to read long before examination period, so during examination period, you only need to revise. 

Understand your reading ability and memory span

 Naturally all humans are created differently, we don't share some certain things in common in the act of reading and understanding, some people don't have to read for so long before getting the gist in the content,  in fact some are so gifted that, even if they read the morning or a day before exam, they will quickly understand and do well,  while some are slow in the process, it takes almost forever to understand what is being read, so such people are advised to read way long before the exam for adequate understanding,  and memory span deals with how long you could read and understand, which means some people memory span is just 30minutes, some 1hour and above, you will understand what you've read within your memory span, but the moment you read beyond your memory span, you wont get it anymore, which comes with some manifestations, it's either you start developing dizziness or headache, in any which way, you will definitely lose focus on what you are reading, at that juncture, you're advised to quit reading for that moment, then take it up some other time. That is why it is important to know yourself more in your studying habit. 

Understand what you have read

 In one sentence,  understanding is let's assume you're in 400level and you can still do and pass well a course you did in 100level.The beauty of reading is understanding, if not you will only read and forget, when you understand what you've read,  you will be able to teach,  for you can only give what you have. When you read and don't understand,  then the reading is meaningless, many students don't read to understand, instead they read to memorize and after the anticipated exam,  they have forgotten everything read,  which shouldn't be part of an undergraduate that is longing for success, everything you learn and understand in your discipline aids you in future when competing with other graduates for a post or job,  then what you know is what you can do,  what you can do is then what is required of you as a graduate,  so reading to understand doesn't only make you succeed in your exams,  but also aid you in future

Read wide

This aspect is also important, don't limit yourself or understanding to what the lecturer has taught you on some respective courses, get text books ,visit the library and read more about it, if you have a  browsing phone, Google has always being your friend even more than the police, ask google on more about the topics, by this you get more knowledge, insights and information, it shows that, you have read beyond and ahead, you will have more points to release impressively, then putting them down during the exam will give the examiner the impression that you really know what you are doing ,and by that your attract more marks for yourself.

Self expression

Self expression is the most important aspect of doing well in a written examination, when you cant express yourself, you will end up writing just a page or half page on your answer script of a question that requires of you like two or more pages, self expression depicts understanding, it tells the examiner you know what you are doing, you don't need to write verbatim how the lecturer has given you in class, just understand what you were taught and put it down in your own words, feel free to put down everything, and make sure you arrive at the points required of you,  just don't write irrelevantly, you must really hit the points, this way you won't forget anything, but when you memorize, or trying to put down the exact content the lecturer used, you're likely to forget or skip some lines. 

Have a picture

This tips aid your understanding and self expression abilities,  when you read,  try and have a picture of what you are reading,  but before you can imagine a picture, you must have understood what you are reading,  then the image of what you have read in your head is the practical aspect,  so even if you seem to be forgetting some things, once you remember the image in your head,  you recover them ,  then when writing the examination, once you can have the image in your imagination,  then you will be able to remember your points and express yourself.

Don't bribe

Some students are so mentally weak,  that they don't even take education as a priority,  the question is, why are such student in school,  paying school fees and other included fees,  and yet not serious with studies,  maybe you're making money already, or working while schooling,  but it doesn't mean you should not know what you're doing as a student,  bribing lecturers to make results will not help at all, some even pay people to write their projects for them. You just succeeded in what you have no idea of,  how can that be justified,  that is why you have so many graduates wandering about,  because they cant solve problems, they cant apply what they have ironically learnt in school to the challenge of life,  simply because they acquired a certificate of no knowledge, you wont function well, when you buy your way to success, endeavor to know and be proud of your certificate in the end


 After having fulfil the above tips, it's very important the pray, for prayer crowns your effort,  prayer is discerning,  in fact,  when you are closer to God in prayer,  you get expo of what will come out in the exam,  how to read,  what to read, and that is what distinguishes you from those that don't pray, but do it from their knowledge, they will also pass, but you will pass better , even if you eventually didn't do well, prayer and maximum faith will vindicate you, and you will come out well. Prayer grants adequate success. Do your best and leave the rest. 

Note: Don't pray without faith.

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