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Monday, 27 August 2018


some years back*
"We need to get out of here"a man in his quailed enters his house talking to his wife as he packed anything packable
"What do you mean"his wife asked in a confused state
"Just do what I say"he yelled
"Take Kay and phobe out of here now"he yelled not minding the confuse state she was
"Simon,you know this is not right,i mean Phoebe is ill and how do you expect me to starting packing luggages,this is impossible!"she yelled back,then a young 7 years old boy walked downstairs looking like someone who had just woken up
"Hey woman!,would you stop complaining,take Kay and Phoebe to the car and for the clothes pack the ones packable"he continued to yell as he packed all the necessary things he had to pack in the sitting room,she was nothing but speechless,how could he let her to start packing up things,especially when her 4 years old child is ill,he didn't even tell her why and where they were going to,how could she do this alone
"Mum are we relocating"the 7 years old boy asked
"I dnt know Kay,just go to ur room and pack up ur clothes to the car"she kindly instructed,he ran upstairs immediately to do as she said,she wondered why this was happening,it was night already,where could her husband be possibly be taking them to?,she wondered,then decided to cook dinner for the kids to eat during their journey,she cooked as fast as she could
"Mum,am done packing I and Phoebe clothes"the 7 years old boy said carrying two portable bags on his shoulders,it shows he was a very strong child
"Good take them out"she instructed as she packaged the food,he did as she said,then Simon angrily walked in
"What the hell are you doing,lets go"he said as he grabbed her in his hands,she managed to take along with her the food as he dragged her outside to the car,where Kay was also standing, she had planned immediately she finish cooking,she'd pack her things,carry Phoebe to the car and off they go,but the plan went all wrong
"What the hell! Phoebe is still in there"she yelled as she was about to enter the house,part of the house exploded,it was a big blast
"Wa,what!!!,my daughter,what have you done Simon"she slapped him hardly as she cried bitterly,then held him on his collar
Simon was speechless,smoke widely covered the house,as his mum cried,the 7 years old boy forcedly looked at the house, there should be a way he could get his little sis out.
Unknowingly to his parents,he walked to the backyard,he knew very sure what he wanted to do was dangerous but he had no choice but to save his little sister.
He found his way through the back door,everywhere was dark and smoky,but he was familiar with the house,everything had already gone burnt and damaged,he coughed as he ran upstairs to his mum room where his little sister was,as he entered the room,he met her on the floor, the room was suffocating and smoky,she must have inhaled it so badly,but she was unharmed,he held his breathe for some time,part of the room was on fire,he quickly wrapped her with a light blanket,gently and carefully,he carried her with so much strength,he released his breathe as he walked out of the room,as he was about running downstairs,the chandelier broke to his direction and catched fire, there was a small space for him to pass and which he managed
"Kay!, Phoebe!"Simon yelled as the mum carried Phoebe,then Simon carried his son to the car and drove off
"Simon drive to the hospital now,she isn't breathing"the mum yelled as he drove faster,immediately the car stopped
"Oh shit!"Simon said as they got down for him to repair the car
"Come close sweetheart"she said to her son as the ran started massively,they were like that for like 3hours before they got back together.
As soon as they reached the hospital,they were attend to,phoebe was taken in for treatment in which they didn't get the report till the next day
*Next day*
"Is everything okay"Simon asked the doctor who summoned them in
"I wouldn't say it is or its not,but to what we saw,she has asthma"he said
"Asthma!"they chorused,this was the result of all what she faced,wasn't she too young to be an ASTHMATIC patient???

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