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Sunday, 26 August 2018



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"No! Please don't do this... No! No! No!!" I shout in my sleep. "Nathan help me please, please" I cried. "I can't help you I'm sorry" he replied then I woke up panting for breath.
I was sweating profusely like a criminal given the death penalty. I had a nightmare again. I thought I was getting better; I mean its been 10 years and my therapist said I was so why do they keep getting worse? I'd have to set up a meeting with her soon.
After I had calmed down a little I pick up my bedside clock and alarm to check the time; 5:59am.. Great! Just great!
As if agreeing with me my alarm rings indicating its time to get ready for work. After getting little to no sleep during the night and having the worst nightmare, I am pumped to resume work today being Monday I think to myself sarcastically.
Dragging my tired and unwilling body out of bed I head for the bathroom. Brushing my teeth quickly I step into the shower choosing cold water to help me wake up fully. I stepped out into my room and then to my closet picking out my underwear and nurse outfit which is the most comfortable clothing ever.
I am a nurse at vedic hospital. It's a very big hospital with so many sections but I work in the paediatrics section. I also volunteer at the gynaecology section. Any opportunity I have to work with babies is a blessing to me. I love children and the cuteness that comes with them naturally.
I could've been a doctor but I didn't want the stress that went with it so I just settled for nursing and I am quite happy with my decision. I graduated with a very good result which helped me get my present job and the pay is pretty good because my apartment is a little bit on the expensive side.
I dress up quickly packing my hair into a high ponytail. Might I add this job is an advantage to my stubborn hair seeing as I didn't have to worry about styling it like the office ladies. I slip on my footwear. Just a plain flat shoe and leave my room.
I walk into the kitchen and grab my keys off the counter and head for the door grabbing my coat along the way. I step outside into the passage locking my door and making my way towards the elevator to get to my car in the underground parking lot my building had.
My building is a four storey building with 5 apartments on each floor and an underground parking lot. I live on the 3rd floor.
I press the button on my key to open my car. I get in and throw my bag to the passenger seat and drive out of the parking lot into the main road. The drive to the hospital is a 20 minute drive.
I get to work at 6:50 and the morning shift starts by 7 when the night nurses hand over so I have to be in there like right now to get the briefing from the night nurse so I know how to go about my rounds.
I make my way into the building moving towards the elevator. My section is on the 12th floor. The gynaecology section is on the 13th floor; a floor above mine. All floors have a reception area.
The elevator 'ping' sound makes the receptionist at the front desk of my section look up.
"Morning Lisa" she greets with a cheerful smile.
"Morning jess" I reply with a smile moving towards to conference room for briefing.
"Miss palmer you're a minute late... Good morning" Nancy says to me with a fake frown and I know she's trying so hard not to smile because she is always so cheerful and the sides of her lips are twitching as if they have a mind of their own. It is a funny sight on a Monday morning.
"Morning to you too miss Riles and sorry I'm a minute late" I say flashing her my cutest puppy eyes and she couldn't hold back as the most gorgeous smile spread across her face.
"Now that's what I wanna see on a Monday morning Nancy" I tell her
"what do I need to know concerning my rounds?" I ask her. She is the nurse I rotate with. She work nights and I work mornings but I also have night shifts.

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