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Tuesday, 28 August 2018



"Yeah, you still have the usual rounds. Little Paige is getting better she should be able to go home tomorrow, Daisy's legs are still in a cast and they're healing quite slower than we expected so she needs more monitoring, Travis should be coming in for his check up today. the weekend nurse told me he was discharged on Saturday and his first check up is today. And the nursery you can check with them also twins were moved there recently. Lastly a little girl Ashley was brought in by her nanny yesterday and she was involved in an accident, a few broken bones here and there nothing serious but she has a slight concussion so the doctor thinks its best for her to stay in the hospital for three months at most for her to fully recover and to be properly monitored. Nurse Taylor is also assigned to her. That should be all" she concludes sliding me the folders of the kids which I pick up from the table.
Leaving the conference room I look at my wrist watch noting the time was 7:05 which meant my shift started five minutes ago. I mentally scheduled my meeting with the kids. From minor to major I thought. I make my way to Paige's room and knock before walking in. Her mom is in the room with her talking and playing with her. Paige is 3 years old and very cute. She has really curly hair and Hazel eyes and a very bubbly nature.
"Morning ma'am" I say to her mom.
"Morning dear, are you the nurse on duty? You're here for rounds?" She asks me.
"Yes ma'am" I reply smiling. As a nurse you have to smile all the time to make people comfortable with you.
She takes a step back watching while I check her daughter. I also ask her how her daughter was doing, if she was improving because Paige was just 3 and she couldn't answer these questions herself.
When I finish I leave the room jotting down my observation into her folder. Then to Daisy's room. She is asleep so I chose to wait till she wake up. Travis is yet to arrive. He'll probably be here during his lunch break. Next up the twins.
Getting close to the nursery I smile at the cute and heavenly sounds of babies.
"Morning nurse Lisa. You really can't get enough of us here huh" one of the nursery nurses teased.
"Yh... I really can't" I reply with a laugh.
Then she points me in the direction of the twins. They are the cutest set of little humans. The boy is asleep while the girl is busy stretching her tiny hands and feet. I coo at her and she giggles but as a nurse I know that at this age they don't understand actions and laughing, giggling are reflex actions for them but that doesn't stop me from playing with them.
I play with the girl for a long period and her brother also wake up which increases the time I spend there. I was so into the twins that I totally forgot about my other rounds.
"Hey lisa what about your other rounds? I really don't mind you being here with the kids though but you could get queried and I wouldn't want that for you" the nursery nurse says across the the room where she is checking one of the babies.
"What's the ti.... Oh my God" I trail off after looking at my wrist watch it is 2 in the afternoon. Lunch break is over; I spent over 5 hours in the nursery without even knowing. Gosh! Kids are my weakness.
I hurriedly leave the nursery and make my way towards the reception to ask jess if Travis had come in for his check up. On my way there I see Travis and his dad so I just change direction and head for the doctor's office.
After the meeting with Dr Alex concerning Travis I check in on Daisy. She is awake by now. She smiles widely when she sees me which warms my heart. She looks a little bit thinner which shows she isn't eating enough and I make a mental note to talk to her parents to feed her more but a little colour had Popped into her face. She is no longer pale like she was when she first got into the hospital. She is 8 years old and very quiet and shy which reminds me of myself but she is lively and free around me.


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