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Thursday, 30 August 2018


By now the time is around five o'clock and I head for my last round for the day. I make my way towards little Ashley's room.
I read her folder before going to see her. No surname was written just Ashley and her nanny had signed as her guardian not her parents; quite weird because most kids i tend to always have their parents close by but I don't dwell on the issue. My job is to make sure these kids are comfortable and besides it is none of my business.
I knock and wait for a reply but when none came I let myself in and close the door gently behind me. I step close to the girl. She has a nanny who is currently in a seat close to the bed where Ashely lay down crying silently. I move closer muttering a small greeting not wanting to interrupt her quiet moment. She looks up wiping her eyes then I explain I am one of the nurses assigned to Ashley and I as there for rounds.
She stands up from the chair squeezing Ashley's hand gently with a small nod in my direction indicating she heard what i said not uttering a single word and quietly leave the room. I frown wondering why she was crying in front of the little girl but I quickly replace my frown with a smile facing Ashley who is staring at me oddly as if trying to make up her little mind if she likes me or not. I wait for her to conclude and not so long after the corner of her mouth turn upwards.
'So she likes me' I think to myself. I flash her a smile wider than her own.
"Hello Ashley, I'm nurse Lisa but being that you're so cute you can call me Lee and I'm one of the nurses assigned to you" I say to her quietly not wanting to scare her as I wait for her to reply.
She replies with a small nod and then I go on to check her. She is just four years old but she looks like a really smart girl who thinks things out before saying them and she has dark brown hair with the most beautiful blue eyes I've seen.
My thought immediately goes to Nathan's eyes but I quickly push it to the back of my mind.
After checking Ashley, I tell her goodnight with a smile and as I turn to leave her cute voice flows into my ear rooting me to the spot.
"Lee, please can you tell Mrs Felipe that I'll be fine that she shouldn't cry anymore" little Ashley tells me in her tiny angelic voice.
"Okay honey, I'll talk to her. Do you need anything else?" I ask her.
"No. Thank you" she replies curtly and I admire her little mind and also the way she replied showed she is well groomed. She cares about her nanny and she doesn't want to see her cry.
I leave the room in search of the nanny and I make my way to the restroom where people feel it is comfortable to cry and vent out all emotions. Nearing the ladies room I hear sniffling from inside and I quietly knock, go in and lock the door.
Standing close to the lady but not close enough to invade her personal space I clear my throat readying myself for my counseling speech.
"Ma'am, are you okay?" I ask her. I guess she's in her early or mid 40's so I called her ma'am and she also wore a ring indicating she is married.
She looks startled like she didn't expect anyone to be in there with her.
"Yes I'm okay. Sorry I didn't know you were here, I'll excuse you".
"Its fine besides I want to talk to you. Wanted to find out why you were crying that's if you want to tell me. Ashley told me to talk to you. Apparently she doesn't like to see you cry" I tell her.
She clears her throat before answering. She tells me Ashley is the only daughter of her parents and her dad is currently on a business trip so she was assigned to take care of the little girl and Ashley had the accident under her care. She also tells me her father isn't aware. She couldn't bring herself to tell him because he trusts her with his daughter for over four years and she failed him.
"Ma'am, I feel so bad knowing how long you've cared for Ashley but these things can't be controlled. Accidents happen. We can't predict them so you shouldn't blame yourself. That's why doctors and nurses are here to help these kids get better. Ashley will be fine and back to her normal self before you know it. All you have to do is just be there for her and help her through the whole process. Since you already signed as her guardian her dad doesn't need to be here if he's not in the country. Ashley cares about you and she doesn't want to see you cry so be strong for her" I tell the lady feeling sorry for her.
"You can call me Joanne. I'm Mrs Joanne Felipe. And thank you that helped me. I should get back to Ashley" she says wiping her eyes and putting a small smile on her face before unlocking the door and leaving.
I release the breath I didn't even know I was holding. I totally suck at confrontations.
I make my way outside to the conference room for briefing. My shift is finally over and I have to meet Nancy to update her before she takes over for the night. After briefing I go to my nurse locker to grab my bag and coat and leave the hospital. Its been a long day. I am so tired and exhausted and hungry. I only had tea and biscuits in my stomach. One of the perks of working in the hospital; you hardly have time to eat a decent meal but I love my job.

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