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Tuesday, 21 August 2018


This is a Novel by Vivian A.D

Copyright © 2017 by Vivian A.D
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed, without the prior
written permission of me.

She didn't deserve to live like this. She didn't deserve to be sad. Was it too much to wish for love? She wished for love but instead got a BLEEDING HEART.

Moving on from a tragic past as a teenager is hard.
Moving on after 10 years; well its bearable.
That is what she was doing.
Lisa Palmer was moving on from a past of sadness and heartbreak to the new life and future she created or tried to create for herself. Her past still haunting her through nightmares but she lived with it.
Ashley Reed, a cute little firecracker, full of life is brought in to the hospital where Lisa works and finds a way into Lisa's heart. But what happens when fate decides to play its little tricks and Ashley's dad ends up being involved in the past Lisa wants to forget?
Follow Lisa as she goes through a
journey of heartbreak, sadness, and love..

So back to school the next day; I was happy that there was a chance I wouldn't see Nathan because he was a senior and I was a junior. I made a mental note to avoid going to the lake for a while after the incident with Nathan.
The classes went by pretty fast and then it was lunch break. I wanted to just head to the library and bury myself in school work as usual but my stomach growled in opposition indicating I was hungry which made me realize I hadn't eaten throughout the previous day.
God I missed my mom! I turned in the opposite direction heading for the cafeteria. I got in line with my tray filling it with food ( I don't eat so much) and looking round I spotted an empty seat in the corner... Perfect!
I made my way to the table sat down and began to eat a while later I felt all eyes on me and the room went silent I looked up to see Nathan smiling stupidly at me and he asked to sit with me.
Oh I think I just died! I just wanted the earth to open and swallow. Great now everyone in the school knows I exist. Thanks Nathan!
I said yeah which came out as a whisper... Great! my voice had to leave me at this moment.
I just looked down at my food which was calling out to me but I couldn't muster up enough courage to pick up my fork and continue eating. then Nathan told me he remembered me from last night, that he didn't mean to make me scared and uncomfortable.
He then told me to meet him at the lake by 5 and then stood up and left. I couldn't look up. I just kept staring at the food still in front of me.
I could already hear the gossip going around; " who is she?" "Why would Nathan want to hang out with a nobody?"
I just sat there waiting for the bell to ring indicating end of lunch break and I waited till I was the last to leave and then went back to my class. I could still feel eyes on me but I just ignored them.
I left school immediately the bell rung and walked the distance to my house. Thank God I didn't have to take the bus less attention for me.
I got home feeling exhausted. I took a shower and I slept off.
I woke up later by 5:15pm. I felt so good that I slept then feeling bored I thought about going to the lake to see Nathan.
I let curiosity take the better part of me and I locked the door heading in the direction of the lake. I looked at my wrist watch and it was already 5:30pm I wondered if Nathan would still be there.
I wanted to turn back and go home when I saw him sitting under my tree. I paused when I got to his side I said a low 'hi' which was audible I guess because he rose up his head to look at me and smiled. I smiled back then he motioned for me to sit beside him. I sat beside him but not close enough for our bodies to touch.
I was so stiff i was so sure the blood stopped circulating in my body for a while.
He then started talking about random things and I began to relax and started replying him.
We became friends and then close friends and two months later after a couple of dates and lots of laughs he asked me to be his girlfriend at our usual spot at the lake. I agreed of course because I liked him a lot and he liked me ( at least I thought he did).
The story sounds cheesy I know! But it wasn't all hugs and kisses and laughs and dates, it was far from it. I had some really cruel times with him but I didn't want to dwell on negativities.
Back to party Friday;
"Bye Lisa" Sandra shouted as I walked out the room of my last class for the day. Yeah I know you're wondering who Sandra is but it so happened that I had 'friends' all of a sudden being that I was Nathan's girlfriend but Sandra was the only one I connected with but I didn't fully trust her.
I made my way outside the school to see Nathan talking to his group( the other jocks on his soccer team) he saw me and waved me over to them I walked over to them saying hi. I knew all of them; there were five boys including Nathan and two girlfriends excluding me because I didn't really see myself as one of them even though Nathan and I were dating.
Luke Prescott was Nathan's best friend he was on the tall side with blond wavy hair Nathan had black hair with blue eyes and pink lips they were about the same height and they had the same muscular build they could pass as twins except for their hair color. Luke's girlfriend Naomi was part of the group, Bryan and Danny were gays and seeing each other. They both were on the school's soccer team which earned them their place in Nathan's group. Lastly Cole and his girlfriend bailey. They were all popular figures in the school which made me feel like an outsider but my self esteem went up a little thanks to Nathan. He helped me come out of my shell a little but I'll always be that shy, lonely girl I knew that.
'Hi' I said to the group on getting close to them. They all looked at me and went on with their conversation as if I didn't just say hi. I just let it slide because I didn't want anything to spoil my mood. I get sad easily and tend to over think words and actions so if I let that be a topic in my head then I'll probably look like my mom just died.
After what felt like forever standing awkwardly in the midst of all his friends Nathan finally asked if I was ready to go home. I said a low yes which I'm sure he heard because he took my hand and started walking towards his car. His car was very beautiful and expensive. I don't know much about cars so I can't tell you the name or model or whatever but I knew those two things. He always called it his 'baby'. So we get into the car and head towards my house which we would probably get to in the blink of an eye, I told him that he didn't need to drop me but he insisted on it.
'Bye lee, pick you up at 8 dress nice for me' Nathan said as i got down from the car coupled with his signature smile that gets me every time but I'll never tell him that... I'm too shy to. He calls me Lee alongside my mom.
"Ok" I replied with a small smile and made my way towards the entrance of my house.
I was freaking out internally knowing I didn't have nice clothes for parties. I had clothes but they weren't suitable for parties especially the kind of party I would be attending that night.
"Hey angel, you're back" my mom greeted as I stepped into the living room.
"Hey mom" I said back not looking at her and heading towards my room.
I think I was dreaming thinking I could escape to my room that easy then I heard my mom's voice asking what's wrong. That was all I needed to hear to make the words start pouring out of my mouth about the party, and my 'no clothes' situation. By the way my mom knew I was seeing Nathan. she was smiling so hard I thought her lips were going to divide when I told her about Nathan and I. She said I deserved it that I was an angel and blah blah blah which I couldn't believe.
"Lisa bear don't worry mom's got it covered" my mom said dragging me to her room and sitting me down on the bed. She then went into her closet and started bringing out fancy clothes and shoe boxes. I was sure a lot of drool had leaked out of my mouth which was open wide.
"Mom where the fuck did you get all these stuffs" I literally yelled at her.
"Language young lady and I used to be a party animal until I married your dad" she told me dreamily and I knew she was remembering old times.
The next thing I know I'm trying out a lot of funny looking short clothes and a whole lot of shoes till we finally got the right one. My mom and I have the same body stature but she is a little taller than me considering my age.
It was a black strapless play suit that was way too short and fit me perfectly and the shoe was purple block heels; at least that's what I called them because the heels looked like blocks. I then lay down on my mom's bed exhausted from our little cloth hunting till I slept off.
"Honey wake up, its almost 7 and you have to get ready for your party" my mom was saying while shaking me gently. I sat up rubbing my eyes still feeling sleepy then stood up and went to my room to take a shower and get ready.
"Lisa are you done?" My mom asked from outside the door. I groaned seeing as I was currently battling with my stubborn hair trying to make it look presentable. My mom came in and seeing my dilemma took over helping with hair and make up. I finished dressing up and checked the time it was 7:56 and as if on cue I heard my mom's voice.
"Lisa! Nathan's here" my mom shouted from the living room so I could hear her from my room.
I grabbed my phone and purse making my way downstairs nervous as hell because this was my first high school party. I saw Nathan before he saw me and this gave me opportunity to study his outfit. He wore black jeans with dark blue button up shirt which looked good on him.
"Hi" I quietly said when I got close to him. He rose his head quickly i was surprised it didn't fall off.
"Hi sorry didn't seem to hear you come down was on the phone with Luke. Are you ready?" He asked.
"Yeah... Let's go" I replied
"Bye mom" I said "bye honey have fun and be safe. Love you" my mom replied. With that we walked over to Nathan's car and headed for the party not knowing that was going to be the worst night of my life.
*flashback ends*
"No! Please don't do this Luke" I cried. He heard my plea but chose to ignore it throwing me back on the rough ground behind his house. His house was where the party was and the back was secluded. kinda like a private area for only close friends I happened to find myself there because of Nathan.
We were all there when Luke and Cole's girlfriends left to hang out with their friends inside the house where the main party was. I heard from Nathan that 'the gays' Bryan and Danny were in a room in the house doing God knows what.
Which left me hanging out with Nathan, Luke and Cole at the back of the house. I would've gone in with the girls but I knew they hated me and it would be totally weird hanging out with them because they were seniors and i was socially awkward. I had no friends inside except Sandra but I knew she was going to be busy with some guy and i didn't want to spoil her night so I chose to stick with Nathan which he didn't mind.
They were currently discussing a soccer game between two popular clubs which I had no clue about when Nathan excused himself to take a private call from his parents telling me he wouldn't be long leaving me with his two friends.
I sat there awkwardly keeping my eyes glued to my phone watching a dance video on you tube till I felt someone grab my upper arm in a strong grip. I looked up to see Luke and Cole standing on either sides of me then the rate at which my heart was beating quadrupled and I muttered an excuse saying I wanted to pee and trying to pry his hands off me when he pushed me so hard I fell to the rough ground feeling a sharp pain in my shoulder.
Why are they doing this? I knew they hated me but I didn't know it was this bad. I tried begging again but it turned out to be a wasted effort because Cole was already peeling off my clothes and Luke was taking off his trousers.
No! This can't be happening. They wouldn't dare rape me... Would they?
I was still asking myself if they would go through with it when I felt weight lay down on me. I struggled to get free when I felt a sharp pain in my private region I screamed so loud and then went quiet retreating into my own mind. I felt numb through the whole process not feeling any emotion whatsoever.
Cole was trying to get busy with me when Nathan came back. He just stood still on the spot staring blankly at the sight in front of him. I called his name weakly feeling a little bit of hope that he would help me but he didn't reply just stood there staring blankly at me. I tried again a little louder this time but no response.
Nathan abandoned me when I needed him the most. I thought he liked me I thought he cared. Apparently he didn't. I slowly gathered the shattered pieces of what was left of me and made my way out without looking back.
I walked not caring where I was going. I didn't want to break down, I didn't want to feel anything. I walked for hours not knowing the roads I passed till I finally got home. Letting myself in, I made my way up the stairs to my room getting into the shower hoping the hot water would wash away the horrible events of this night but it didn't.
By the time I got into bed I couldn't hold it in anymore. Reality set in, physical mental and emotional pain hit me so hard that tears poured down my face. I tried thinking of who I offended to have the world throw this kind of horrible thing at me. I cried so hard I thought I was going to die. What was more painful was the fact that Nathan couldn't even help me he just stood there watching. I loved him, I knew I did but I knew for sure now that it was one-sided because I was just a game for them to play with, a prey for them to devour.
LOVE IS A BITCH.... I thought till I finally fell asleep.
Quick A/N: this is probably the longest chapter coz it's the first and it's overly dramatic but trust me it gets better so please continue reading.
I can't say how thankful I am that you guys check out my story. Thanks guy.

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