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Wednesday, 22 August 2018


Hello lovelies
Please read this before you proceed. Thank you.
Thank you for checking out this book. I just decided to write romance novel so please feel free to correct my errors and weak points if you find any.
This book is purely unedited so please ignore the errors and be nice with the comments. The beginning is quite crappy but it gets better as you go on so please continue. If its not to your liking then I apologise but I put my best into it so please check it out.
I used first person POV throughout this book because I feel comfortable writing from the characters head. It helps me express whatever they are feeling in depth. You just can't do that with third person POV.
The models/ celebrities associated with each cast are how I picture them to be. You may not like them so feel free to picture them however you like. And I do not take credit for whatever media I use in this book or any of my books. They are gotten from the Internet and are used mainly for emphasis.
This book is purely and entirely mine and mine alone. I came up with the idea, plot, casting. I worked hard on this piece and it would hurt if any sadistic soul copies my story. No form of plagiarism is allowed. Not just my story but plagiarising what any hardworking writer put his/her art and time into is a sad thing to do. So don't do it.
If my characters or locations are in any way similar to yours. I'm sorry, its merely coincidental. But trust me the stories are different.
Please comment, like and share. Feedback are very much welcomed.

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