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Tuesday, 21 August 2018


"I think it's high time you knew the truth Luke" Quinn muttered.
I can't believe she's gonna tell Luke after she gave me her word not to. So much for best friends.
"What're you talking about?" Luke dropped the stick of carrot he was munching on to look at me dead panned.
"Gabby wants to.." She sighed.
Oh lord..
"finally sleep with you"
Hmm.. Wait, wtf?
"What?" Luke questioned, he didn't seem quite convinced at the precipitous statement.
"Well, you know..we were at the hospital today. And those kids made me just wanna... I don't know but I want a future like that with you babe" I added quickly as I noticed how he fell for it as soon as I mentioned the kids at the hospital.
Yes, I love Luke. Much more than I can ever imagine and I'd want a future with him but right now, I hope he doesn't question me any further.
"You know that's exactly what I want too. How about you meet me upstairs for a chat when you're done." he smirked, planting a kiss on the side of my neck.
"Oh my God. You guys are finally gonna do it?" Quinn squealed jamming her palms together in cheer.
"Shut up, Blondie. Edwin needs your ass in the balcony" Luke mocked before leaving us all alone in the kitchen.
"What was that?" I asked once I was sure he had left for real.
"The lie? Oh I don't know. That was the fastest way to save our asses. With the way he took it in, I'm not sure he overheard anything" she explained, as she stood to leave.
"Hold up, so you weren't going to tell Luke the main plan?" I questioned.
" What do you take me for sometimes? I may be blonde but I'm definitely not dumb. Sheeesh bitch" she laughed throwing an onion ring at me before she took off.
I know...I jump into conclusions way too fast.
It was a beautiful Thursday morning. Unlike the others I've had in the past few weeks, this one seemed more relaxing. I woke quite early because Luke had to leave for work, and no matter how much I tried to go back to sleep after he kept waking me up to ask for one thing or the other, it was difficult to hit the sack.
Before he left, he gave multiple suggestions on what to do if I got bored at home including sending him pictures of myself in my undies and bra to make his day more sexy but damn... I'm so not doing that.
I don't know why I find that so awkward to do. Strip yourself in nothing but bra and panties, take a sexy picture for your boyfriend. No.. I wouldn't even be caught dead doing it.
Imagine if someone else saw those pictures or if the phone gets stolen or even worse! You guys break up and it hits the internet, just like the case of Black Chyna and Rob khadiashian.. Hell no, I'm not partaking in that kind of drama.
I raided my brothers closet for clothes to keep them warm while we were out. It was already snowing and we had two weeks before Christmas. The entire place was covered in snow. I wonder how the animals in the zoo felt right now.
"You taken a shower Quinn?" I yelled as I struggled to put a balaclava on Alberto's head.
"Babes it's just 12:10pm.. You told her 1pm. Why the.."
"Eyyi" I gave her the evil eye to stop her from saying the 'f-word' in the presence of my brothers.
"Why then, do we have to get ready before time?" She corrected herself

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