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Friday, 24 August 2018


"Because..." I carried Alberto and placed him on the bed then began to help George wear his sweater and beanie correctly.
"I don't want us to delay her when she gets here"
"Are you crazy? Why did you let her know the address? Girl.. You know this is more like our hideout. No one is meant to know you're still in town. And your boyfriend's ex? She's a little too friendly, I don't like her" she orated.
"How on earth can you dislike someone without meeting them? I understand what you're trying to say.."
"I'm not trying to say anything. I just did okay? I hope she's not replacing me as a friend in your life" she rolled her eyes as she cut me off, taking a sit beside me.
She's jealous... I can smell it.
I took a deep sigh "go eat downstairs Babies..your food is on the dinning. Don't spill anything and eat all your vegies or you're staying home"
With that, the boys were off our sight.
"Listen to me fish head, Anne Buxton may be a new friend to me but she can never replace you, no one can. You're not only my best friend, you're my sister and I love you so much. So quit been a jealous fluffy ball and go get ready" I smiled giving her a warm hug.
"Anne Buxton. More like Anne Box on.. If she steals my girl, I'm so gonna kill her" she teased as she walked away from the room to get ready.
Indeed Anne arrived early like I predicted looking absolutely stunning in black skinny jeans on black knee high boots, a white sweater with a scarf perfectly around her neck for warmth. Her blonde hair beautifully in a waterfall braid which matched her blue eyes.
No doubt, she looked like a real life barbie.
"Hello Miss" George greeted with a grin immediately he spotted her.
"Hi.." Alberto greeted shyly.
"Aww..are they your brothers?" She cried touching their cheeks warmly.
I laughed having to watch Alberto sink in my arms as I carried him "they are"
"Door's all locked up...oh hi" Quinn greeted as she noticed Anne.
The expression on her face seemed convincing enough but I knew my best friend, when she doesn't like something or someone.. There's absolutely nothing you can do to alter her decision.
"Anne this is my best friend, Quincy but you can call her Quinn just for informality" I joked placing Alberto with Quinn and George at the back seat while I went over to the front seat of her Toyota berolla.
"So pleased to finally meet you and I must say, you look beautiful" she complimented.
"Yeah.. Thanks, you too" Quinn responded formally.
"Uhm okay to the zoo we go" Anne sang awkwardly.
Oh lord...I don't want this outing to be ruined with a cat fight at the end.
Truth be told, never judge a book by it's cover.
I thought Anne and Quinn would never get along in this world. After we left for the zoo and Quinn's favourite song Cake by the Ocean by DNCE came up on the radio, she started her sing along and surprisingly, Anne knew the song by heart too.
At the zoo, they had endless conversations on their favourite celebrities, gossips and scandals. I on the other hand, was feeling like My friend was stolen from me.
For three days, we've been hanging out with her. And I must fess, she's a great person to be with. Funny, sweet and a lover of nature like me.
But she's prettier lol.
I feel terrible having to break my promises to Luke. He thinks all I do at home is eat, online with Quinn and play water fights with the boys. But on the other hand now, nothing bad has happened lately. No weird letters or packages at our door step, no gun fights, no stalkers either. Maybe whoever it was, has disappeared or has been caught by the police.
I need to tell Luke about the latest improvement. Yeah, I have to. But that'll be after we get back from the mall! It'll be the last time I ever have to break a promise to him. Today, all this shit ends!
"Gabby!!!" Quinn called from the living room bringing me back to earth as I applied a fresh coat of red lipstick and straightened my hair.
"Anne's here.. Come out already!" She barged into the room with both hands on her hips.
"George and Alberto?" I questioned.
"In the car. What took you so long?"
"A red lipstick duh" I slurred.
* 2:20PM*
The mall was a zoo as it was only few weeks to Christmas. Decorations were already on all the departments in the mall. Even the entrance had a large white Christmas tree that people came around to take their pictures. Kids and teenagers were happily running about cheerfully, was a jolly season.
We headed to the '50% off Dollar Store' where they sold affordable designer clothes and at the top, was written. "POSH"
My memory flashed back to the second time I met Anne at the office when she asked about my Jumpsuit. So this was the "Posh" she was talking about?
Oh well, at least it's real.
They had the best designs of gowns I've ever had to see in my life. Everything was neatly arranged in their rows and columns. Tops were kept on one side, jeans on the other and gowns had their section too.
We got out with hands filled with shopping bags, giggling our hearts out and chattering all the way to the kids department to get stuffs for the boys.
Before one could fully mention Jack Robinson,
Alberto pulled away from my hand and ran towards the play center. George seeing as his brother took off, also took to his heels without hesitance.
"Kids will be kids" Quinn commented causing us to laugh before running after them.
We spent an hour patiently waiting for them to finish their fun in the bouncy castle. When they finally gave up because they felt nauseous, we quickly shopped for their clothes so we'd get home before Luke.
"How's Milton?" I asked Anne breaking the silence as we all walked to the parking lot to get our car.
"Who's Milton?" Quinn inquired curiously.
"He's my boyfriend and he's fine. Though we haven't seen in two days now, he said things at work have been pretty hectic since they got a new contract" her whole face lit up as she spoke.
I honestly can't remember the last time Luke and I talked about work or even about anything serious apart from the people who want me dead and how to hide in his safehouse. It sucks...
"He seems like a dreamy man" Quinn winked as the corner of her lip turned up to a smirk.
"I know what you mean" Anne cracked up.
"I need to run away! You girls are bloody crazy!" I exclaimed hitting my bags at them.
"Thanks Aunt Anne" Alberto appreciated shyly as we waited for Anne to open the car up.
"We love the things you all got us and don't worry, when we get bigger...we'll buy you guys a house!" George extolled us confidently.
For some reason, that was funny. But on another view, I'm glad how momma trained us to show gratitude at all times.
"Awwe...don't worry, we're a family you know?" She stated.
"I don't know why the hell the boot won't open up from here, I'll have to try it from the boot itself" she informed.
We didn't noticed how dark it was until the lights suddenly went out leaving us in complete gloom.
Immediately, there was a scream and I made sure I held both Quinn, George and Alberto by my side.
"Don't make us come get you too" warned a disembodied voice followed by the cock of a gun.

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