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Sunday, 26 August 2018


"Get your asses out here or so help me God, I will kill you all and make it look like an accident" The voice threatened loudly before a bright light disrupted our visions causing the strangers before us to look dark.
I quickly got in front of George and Alberto, pushing them aside from the predators that stood before us just to save their lives.
" don't need to do..t...that Sir, we're coming out" Quinn hesitantly said dragging me along with her.
We walked out to the back of the car only to meet Anne strongly held over the mouth with a gun pointed at her head by a weird looking guy with a nun's mask on.
The man's eyes were so dark almost like you could die just staring at them.
"Dex, Leo..check who else is with them" he ordered firmly keeping his gaze fixed at me.
Immediately, two guys appeared from the truck that seemed to have been the source of the bright light that be fell us.
"Wait...Sir.. Please tell us. What do you want? Is it money? Some jewelries? We can get you that. Just please don't hurt us" I begged as I watched the two guys spring their way forth us to search in and around the car.
"Shut! The fuck up!!" He pointed the gun at me and I couldn't help but shriek in terror as my eyes fell on the gun.
"Found two kids here, boss" one of the guys that searched the car said.
I couldn't think straight. There was a stranger holding us all captive and there was no way to get out of this. They found my brothers.. Oh only God knows if they'll let us out here alive... I should've listened to Luke. I really, should have.
Anne kept her eyes on Quinn and I, like she was trying to tell us to remain calm, everything would be fine. But I felt unsure about that because the way she was constantly lowering her eyes every time a tear tried to find its way, instilled fear into us all.
"Get them into the car" the masked man ordered.
"Sir please" I begged now tearing up.
What the fuck am I going to tell Luke? Why don't they just take me instead?
"Please..take me instead. Please just..let them live" I pleaded.
"Yes Sir, take us.. Just let them go. Anything you need we can get it" Quinn added trying to negotiate with him.
He took a deep sigh before speaking up" Now you bitches listen carefully. If you try to involve the cops or anyone into this gathering, This..."
He pulled Anne closely, sniffing her hair before giving her a short kiss on the head "This bitch and your little kids are gonna go see the devil sooner than you think. Cause I know, they ain't going to heaven"
He turned to leave, still holding onto Anne's mouth and my brothers, even as though they struggled.. they were still taken into the truck.
"No! Please! Take me! Please Sir!!" I chased the car in tears as they drove away swiftly.
"Gabby Calm down.. Hey look at me..pull it together" Quinn consoled me immediately she caught up with me.
"They left Quinn! My brothers are in there! What am I going to do? I don't know what they'll do to them.. Hell, I can't even involve the cops! My brothers are in danger! How the fuck do I calm down?" I could no longer hear my own self as I spoke.
"Let's call Luke" She suggested.
"Are you crazy? I have been lying to him! How do you think he'll take this? Bitch how?! I can't... I can't.." I looked up to the sky like I was trying to find a solution to all this shit.
"Then what do we do? Those guys got Anne and your brothers. They told us not to involve anyone or they'll kill them not even the cops!" She spluttered running a hand across her face.

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