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Thursday, 30 August 2018


"Do you know the gravity of what you had just done, young lady?" His voice inaudible but still hit a spot that made me thirst for more of him.
"Punish me then" I snapped causing him to smirk.
His eyes roamed about my body like he was trying to pick out where to start from. I could feel his strong members on my laps as he still looked at me.
It was just like in the dream I had of him months before we started dating, except seemed perfect on an imperfect day.
"Get up." he ordered and I was up in no minute.
"Clothes. Off. Now"
I obeyed and took off everything I had on, including his boxers I wore that night.
He got up to help me then bent to kiss my forehead.
Take me already, daddy..
" the most beautiful body I've ever seen" he complimented, kissing every part his eyes came in contact with.
"Thank you" I acknowledged.
His kisses quite tormenting and tempting. I never wanted him to stop. Immediately his lips got on my clits, it didn't leave that spot. Words could not explain how I felt as his tongue explored the little world underneath me.
It was so pleasurable, I thought I was in some other world as I had few black outs.
My legs grew shaky as he increased the rate at how fast his tongue slid along my clits.
"Oh God!!" I moaned loudly and he increased it the more till I could no longer hold myself, I fell to the bed. Still he kept on with what he did to me that drove me literally crazy.
My hands gripped the roots of his hair as I was about to reach climax.
And there, just then..that was it.
That look a predator gave it's prey. That was the exact one he gave me as he licked his lips.
"Perfect meal, don't you think?" He smirked.
"I can't taste myself can I?" I asked innocently.
"Oh you can. Want to?" He asked unsurely.
"Need to" I corrected nodding my head.
He ran his hands over my watery spot and he licked a little of my squirt before giving it to me.
"Lick it like you can't leave without it" he ordered as he caressed my nipples with his other hand before his tongue had it's way with my boobs as I enjoyed every moment with him.
No doubt, I loved what he was doing to me. I lowered my lids as I tasted my own self.
A little weird to me, but I yearned for more of this madness.
"Now, what I'm about to do will hurt just a little but if you can't take it anymore tell me to stop. And I will" he assured and I nodded knowing what exactly he meant.
He rubbed my wet clits once again and gave his members a gentle massage before he slid himself slowly inside me.
It felt like my tear glands exploded as he did so because I started to cry uncontrollably.
He groaned and moaned as he continued to go to and fro inside me, his expression a bit troubled as he had to watch me cry through the pain.
"I can stop" he reminded as though moaning through his words.
"Don't even dare" I ordered stabbing my nails at his back to avenge the pain he gave me.
"Oh Gabby.." His moans, loud and deep. His damp hair fell on my face as he gave out breathless air on my lips.
I felt like my vagina was on fire as I reached various levels of orgasm and Luke gasps moaning as he released inside me.
"That" I said after we spent the next few minutes hyperventilating.
"You..are a demon" he kissed my dry lips softly as he slid off me.
"Says the devil" I smiled trying to get off the bed but I couldn't walk right.
"It'll take a while but you'll be fine" he explained and just then my eyes gained concentration to a bloody spot on the white sheets.
"We gotta..get rid of that" I pointed out.
"Yeah" he ran his fingers through his silky curly hair.
"Burn it" I chuckled wrapping myself up in a towel.
"Tell you what" he stood to help me mover into the shower.
"We will wash it together and keep it. I want you to remember this morning. A mad experience" he turned on the heater winking at me.
Trust me daddy, I'll never forget it.
"You know I love you right?" I asked.
"And I would never hurt you Gabby" he whispered.
"Whatever happens, just know I love you and I never wanna loose you" I recalled on what happened yesterday and uncontrollable tears ran it's way to my eyes before I knew it.
"Hey..nothing is gonna happen. I assure you that. As long as you're with me, I got you babe" he kissed my forehead running a coat of soap on my skin.
I don't know Luke.. I don't know if really nothing will happen.

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