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Thursday, 23 August 2018


*           *          *
“Die, bitch!”  ‘The voice was low. Filled with hate. Fiona froze in the bed. Her eyes flew open. The room was so dark. She began to panic.
         Oh, God, was someone there?
She screamed the dark lonely room, but no one was in her room and yet …..yet …..
        Sweat enveloped her. Fiona dismissed her fear and turned on the bedside lamp. Everything looked normal. She’d been dreaming; that was it. Probably because she didn’t feel well. The soup she ate at dinner had given her a very unpleasant stomach upset.
    There was no one in the room.
She let out her breath and heard something – footsteps
What? She shot out of bed. Calm down, she told herself, but couldn’t stop the sweat running down her face as she slowly scanned the room – bathroom, closet, curtain, searching for any hint that a stranger’s presence had threatened her. She found nothing. Aside from the servants, she was alone. She walked the short distance that led to Max’s bedroom and tried to open the door – It was locked. “Where the fuck could he be by this time”… she questioned herself and why the hell would he lock his room door
           Privacy…… think Fiona….. privacy, but why? What was he afraid of? That someone would go through his things? Or was he hiding something? But how could the maid clean up after him if he kept his room off-limits? Was he hiding something from the staff? Or from her?
         Fiona rested her hand on the doorknob, tried to turn it again and failed.
        The door is locked because of you, Fiona, and you know it. He doesn’t trust you. You’ve sensed it. She headed back to her room and eyed her bed.
                       *                                *                                 *
”Where’s father?” Fiona asked
When he didn’t answer, she touched his arm. “Where”
He slid her a glance that made her jerk
“At some institution” Max allowed
“Maybe it’s time I found out just where I stand with dear old Dad,” she suggested. “I think I should visit him.”
“Do you want me to take you?” Max inquired
“Yes.” Suddenly she was certain. “The sooner the better.”
“Then let’s go.”
“Just let me grab a coat, and a purse and…..” It occurred to her that she had no wallet, no driver’s license, no credit cards. It was as if she had no identity.
“I’ll be down in a minute.” She hurried upstairs, found a leather purse, a pair of sunglasses in the top drawer and a tube of lipstick.
She muttered, hurrying down the stairs
No ID. No money. No car. No damned memory. It was as if she really didn’t exist.

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