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Saturday, 25 August 2018


“No Kayla do it again from the top one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, again”.       

     Kayla rolled her eyes and did as she was told in as much as Christine was young she vividly shivered at the thought of allowing her head be beaten with her walking stick for the fifth time in the space of two hours.     
                                                                                                         “Kayla get your head out of the clouds, your eyes in front and your arms out stretched like a lady please”.

Then without a warning she taped the stick on her head and arms.  “Ouch that hurt”

“It was supposed to hurt now focus”.
Kayla dropped to the floor dramatically and rested her palm on her forehead.
“Oh I see angels this must be heaven I am being taken to a Christi free life”.

Chris laughed what she was ever going to do without Kayla drama in her life.
“Ok let’s take a thirty minutes break” .the she patted the spot beside her and Kayla plopped down rather ungracefully for a ballerina.

“What’s up Christi, how’s Brad”? She asked before taking a swing of water from her bottle and dropping it down only to the sad but awfully serious expression she had on.
“What’s wrong he didn’t break your heart did he cause if he did we can hire some guys to take care of him ,find an alibi and make it look like an accident”.

Her answer was a shocked glare then a laugh. “It’s quite alarming that you have a backup  plan in a situation like that but I’ve since learnt not to be surprised when it comes to you” then she tenderly ruffled her hair causing here to jerk up suddenly .                                                                                                                       
“No seriously Christi what’s wrong, tell me I can take it I’m a big girl though if you are pregnant then you are at your own risk of dying”
“You are aren’t you and no I’m not pregnant”
Then she sighed and dragged her back down and took her hand in hers again. “The thing is, well how do I put this Brad asked me to marry him yesterday”.
Kayla squealed and hugged her tight “I’m so happy for you not that I approve of someone as cool as you marring a nerd but it’s good to know that the guy finally grew some balls”. She released her and peered into her face. “Hey what’s wrong isn’t it something to be happy about”? 
“It is and I am but he wants to open a new branch in France so we have to go together, Kayla I’ve got to go with him, we plan on staying permanently and I was offered a job by my former dance school”
Kayla’s face fell this was not how she had pictured her senior year all her plans were coming apart without even coming to motion. “Wow that is big you should go I mean it’s been your dream to go back to Paris”. Then she stood up and began to pack up her things Christi silently watched her and held her hands as she was about to put here ballet shoes in her bag.
“Kayla are you okay I don’t know how you are taking this and I don’t want you to feel like you’re all alone”
She smiled and patted her hands “its fine I mean it was bound to happen anyway it’s just that I didn’t expect it so soon”.
“Oh Kayla I’m going to miss you so much”
I could do nothing but sigh and reply “I’ll miss you to, when are you leaving”
Christi bit her lips “On Saturday”
“What that is next tomorrow”. She fell down to the floor this wasn’t happening her world was falling before her eyes this really couldn’t be happening not now “you could have told me”
“I know but I couldn’t I didn’t want us to spend our last moments together counting the time we had left”.
Kayla smiled tersely “What am I going to do without you” Christi hugged her
“that why you have to promise to keep in touch, go out live a little your just seventeen for Christ sake have fun, date a guy, attend a party or crash it if you have to just, be a teenager be daring you don’t know someone might just be there waiting for you to come out of your skin so that I won’t have to worry about how you are”
“I’ll try, you too don’t go beating your other students okay not everyone is as nice as me and don’t make me call to find out if you have been taking you drugs”
“It’s not beating Kayla it’s called discipline and you are the worst fake drama queen ever and I will take my drugs, you know Kayla for what’s it’s worth you are the best student I’ve ever had the pleasure of coaching both in ballet and gymnastics my worst in yoga though since you’re like a zombie early in the morning but you have a raw talent don’t ever hide it, on that note don’t forget to put in two hours of yoga every morning and practice your beam pose every day oh and you have to perfect that triple jump on the uneven bars okay”
Kayla rolled her eyes. Can you believe this woman she was leaving and instead of treating me to meal or something she was busy dishing out instructions?
“Shish you haven’t even gone yet you’re already nagging I wonder if Brad knows this side of you and there is no way I’m doing that triple jump you broke your leg doing it”
“He does and he loves it and I know but I had already given up before trying but you can do it I believe in you and though I can never do gymnastics again at least I’m thankful that my leg is better and I can still dance ballet and do yoga, now go home before that crazy grandmother of yours starts calling”
Kayla picked up her gym bag made to go but then changed her mind and came back to give her one last hug “You’re not going to go there and forget me right I mean something to you don’t I? .Even if I am like a  pest please don’t forget me I don’t think I can live with that”
Chris hugged her back “I won’t and FYI you mean more than a pest to me, you are more like the Younger sister I never had but to be honest I really did detest teaching you yoga it was always more of me teaching and you sleeping on the mat”                                    
Kayla laughed “Yeah good times okay I’ll be leaving now suddenly I feel like I should have taken our last class together seriously, call me before you leave for the airport or if you need help packing or doing anything”
She nodded her head “Will do now go home I’ll call you”. That night I lay in bed thinking about all that had happened today breaking a nine years long lifestyle of reading a book before bed I had cultivated since I learned that you could escape into a better perfect world through books. You see I  had a gut feeling things were not going to go exactly as planned for me as usual, when I  got home I meet Nana  packing to go on a trip around the world which she felt she had to do now, seeing as she had only two months to live owing to the fact that she had rejected surgery for her cancer operation  because she didn’t want to leave us alone when the chances of her survival was twenty percent and she couldn’t stand the fact that she couldn’t remember people any more due to schizophrenia she was battling with , so she wanted to leave before she forgot any of us  so it wouldn’t break her heart or more like my heart Kyle doesn’t really care,  I didn’t even get the chance to tell her that Chris was leaving but in the back of my mind I  knew that if I  did  Nana would have never gone but who am I  really to hold her back from her dreams , but I can’t help feeling like everyone seems to be leaving me and now it seems like all I have left is you Emma, since my brother doesn’t  count we haven’t even spoken for two years now and the last time we did all he said was for me to pass him the salt rather gruffly . She sighed and closed her eyes her last thoughts on the fact that this might all just be a bad dream.   

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