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Monday, 27 August 2018


»»»»»»»»»» CJ-POV -««««««««««                               
It’s been two weeks since dad told me that awful news so here I am sitting down in a God forsaken chair for close to four hours journal can you believe it (journal seriously I can’t even find a good name for you hmmm how about Ron no to harry potter like ,I’ve got it JJ as in journal Jason or Jason journal whatever I’m calling you that) anyway JJ I left France today to California mum cried I have never seen her like that even Eloise cried and then asked if she could turn my room into her personal walk in closet and I can’t believe I once considered her a badass, Daley refused to escort me to the airport(I bet he’s crying his eyes out) and Sean’s expression was more of thank God(I don’t know why he was happy I mean I left with about two of his master cards) as for dad he didn’t exactly cry but I could see that it hurt him to have to send me to do something like this, all in all today has been really full of crap to top Marie, Marcel, Pierre, Louis, Tommy, Raven and Nina were not at all pleased that I was leaving but they threw me a big get away party which we all ended up ditching to spend time together it was so sweet almost as if we might never see again even though the contract states that we stay married immediately we graduate and stay that way for at least four years to merge the companies and I felt numb and cold and I haven’t felt like that in a long time. I have been sitting next to Mr.Ross for close to four hours now and this guy hasn’t even made a single conversation yet and it’s got me wondering, if he is this cold I wonder how cold the girl would be, shish you really are addictive JJ but I’ll stop now I need my beauty
An hour and thirty minutes later the plane landed and CJ had managed to sleep through every single turbulence the plane went through (obviously why the flight was so long).
Then he suddenly felt someone gently prod him “Mr. Till wake up we are here”.
He opened his eyes thinking it was some sexy hostess or something only to meet the wary gaze of his soon to be father- in- law. “We landed already” the man’s response was an immediate nod of his head needless to say in the next thirty minutes they were on their way to his house in a limo (ha totally hilarious is this some fucking prom) he gazed outside the window an began to moon from the look of things California is pretty beautiful I mean it’s good to actually see a modern looking house at every interval and sexy looking girls wearing sweaters in all this heat. It got me thinking if the girl (imagine I don’t even know her name) isn’t so pretty there are a bunch of pretty girls out here to cheat on her with Mr.Ross dropped at the office and told the driver to take me to their house where I was immediately shown to my room to sleep the jetlag out.
After another boring day in school and an endless work load of assignment I finally got home to meet all the staff running about cleaning unnecessary places and all in all just making a huge fuss, Celia one of the maids about my age rushed by me but I commendably held her in place an asked “What is going on, why is everyone so antsy is something wrong”
She bobbed her head “yes Miss MR. Ross is around”
I irked a brow, what does she mean Kyle is always around ok not really but he does show up once in a while and they never behave like this so I replied “Celia I’ve told you it’s Kayla not Miss, back to my question since when did Kyle being around deserve all this fuss he’ll probably get it all dirty by throwing a party” she just chuckled and replied
“No of course not it’s your dad that’s around”
That was not what I thought I would be hearing in a long time, dad is home he really is “You are not joking right he really is back”. She nodded and I shrieked and jumped around with her “is he coming home for dinner or maybe I should make dinner this is great” she nodded again and slipped out of my hand’s to continue whatever she was doing. This was the greatest news I had heard all day, I couldn’t have imagined this happening for a long time, with the thought she skipped happily to her room she had to organize the new file organizer she had programmed to give her dad but as she entered her room she saw some sort of figure sprawled on her bed and her first thought was to scream but then her inquisitive nature took over so instead she walked closer and peered at the face of the person. He had that beach boy look going for him with his honey hazel kissed hair, even asleep he looked hot in a good way he was wearing a blue obviously original Polo- Ralph Lauren t-shirt and a cream short but she couldn’t see the color of the sweater that rested on his neck nor the color of his eyes. Umm is this a good time to mention that for some years I’ve been suffering from partial blindness due to an accident I can’t even remember, I can’t see colors in between orange and red. Yay me as if I couldn’t get any weirder anyway back to the problem at hand how the fruit (I have this thing against saying the real swear words they sound dirty so I substitute for something else) did this guy get past the guards, and the surveillance cameras and for a moment I panicked and did something really stupid which explains why I am in front of a pissed of looking Kyle right now. “What”. He practically barked, I don’t blame him though he was just about to get it good with a girl from school.
“Kyle who is that”. The idiot asked and my brother’s reply was “No one just the maid just give me a minute” he said stepping out and closing the door firmly behind him. Okay that hurt could this guy really be my brother.
“Now what do you want Kayla”
“It’s just I...I…it’s….”
“You know I’m kind of busy so if you have nothing to say just go”. I was shocked in eight years this is the longest conversation we’ve had so instead of blowing it I put on my big boy pants and replied. “There is a guy in my room, I’ve not seen him before and I don’t know if he is your friend”
He looked shocked then visibly annoyed. “What why didn’t you say something”. She rolled her eyes, yeah now he shows concern.

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